Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Covergirl & Revlon Lipsticks:

To be completely honest, I'm not 100% sure why I bought these two lipsticks.   I would have never picked up the one from covergirl if it wasn't for one of those try out different hair and make up simulators.  On the outside it's purple.  On the inside it's purple with blue sparkles, applied it's purple, but after a bit it's more pink.  Which is totally confusing.  I love this lipstick.  I don't know how often I am going to wearing, but I love it.  I chose the Rimmel London lipstick because I've fallen in love with their lip butters and I think I'm slowly, subconsciously, trying to collect them all.  

The blue glitter doesn't show while it's on, and it's more pink after it settles in to your lips.  It will be in a FOTD in a few weeks. 

Covergirl 335 Embrace: 
Like I said above, it looks a lot different on the lips.  I wasn't so sure about the purpleness.  It scares me.  But also now that it's fall I've been looking for the perfect dark lipstick.  Something less spring/summer.  And if you've been here long you know that is a struggle for me.  I feel like I don't have the right skin tone for lipstick so dark, but the I see all of these amazing people who pretty much have the same skin tone as me wearing deep reds and burgundy and all of that.  So, I figure why not.  It a comfort thing that I have to get over, because I like the dark lip look, who cares that it's not exactly fashionable for me.  (that's not the right word, but it's the one that came to my head.)  
This lipstick has amazing staying power.  I have a lighter colored tube and I was wearing it the other day, forgot, took a shower, and when I got out of the shower it was still on.   It does not budge with light drinking out of a bottle, and it does not budge with my nervous lip biting/rubbing together habbit that I have somehow gotten myself stuck on.  I haven't tried it against eating a sandwich or anything like that, but I think it will be fine.   It's hard to remove.  I used a makeup wipe against it the other day, and I couldn't get all of it off.   I've used garnier fructis oil, and it was still difficult to remove.  

My only negative notes about this lipstick is the smell and after a bit it feels a little drying.  There is just something about Covergirls formula, that I don't like.  It's like old fashioned lipstick paired with perfume.  Not the best, but for how long it lasts, I can power through it.  

Revlon  050 Berry Smoothie: 
I expected this butter to be a little bit darker and more berry than it is.  It's more pink but it's still a very nice color.  Again, like I said above, I think I'm subconsciously collecting all of the Revlon Lip Butters.  This is my 3rd and that doesn't seem like much, but I'm not really one to have a lot of color options (yet).  
I haven't played with this one as much as I have with the Covergirl lipstick because I kind of feel like I already know how well it works.  You'll need to check it every little while, but other than that, it's really nice.  It doesn't dry your lips out and they're not as committed as a regular lipstick, meaning that they can be light or you can build them up.  
I do really love Revlon lipsticks.  I want to say their currently my favorite brand.  (Just be sure to stay away from the suede line.  Ick.)

I highly suggest covergirl and revlon.  Love, love, love! 

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