Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Real Technique Make-up Brushes:

For a while now I've been wanting to get new make-up brushes, but whenever I've looked, none of them really suited my fancy.   But reading more and more blogs, I decided to give the Real Technique brushes a try.  I went with the standard starter kit and then a random brush that I feel will do the best in my collection.  
These brushes are super soft, and I was kind of sad to use them since they were so fresh and clean.  

In the first box came four brushes.  

Brush 1 
This brush is the brow brush.  I've used it a few times instead of the brush that I have been using and I can tell you, since it's bigger, it works a lot better.  it covers more, and I feel like I have more control with this bigger brush than the smaller brush I have been using.  I think this one is my favorite out of the set. 

Brush 2
This brush is called a fine liner brush.   I didn't think that I was going to like this brush.   When I do eyeliner on my top lid I use an angled brush, but I decided to try something new.   I used this brush before my sister's birthday party, but unfortunately my gel liner has dried up a bit and it was a little hard to get a smooth line.  When I buy more, I'll try again.  Other than that little hiccup, I really liked the brush.  

Brush 3 
This brush is called the base shadow brush.  It says that it "applies a smooth, flawless foundation of color" and it does.  I like this on compared to the other brush that I was using before.  It's fluffier, so I feel that it covers my eyelid better.  I'm really happy that this brush does what I wanted it for.  

Brush 4 
This brush is the deluxe crease brush.  It says "soft, oversized design for effortless contouring" and I agree that it's soft, but I think since I'm not used to it, it hasn't been working out in my favor.  I find it a bit to big for my eye, and I feel like I can't control where it's going.  On the box it says that Sam and Nic have step by step tutorials, so I'm planning on going over there to see if maybe I'm using the brush wrong, or if there are any tips that the videos will give me.  

The next brush is called The Expert Face Brush.  It says it's for liquid or cream foundation, but I'm basically just using it to blend everything out and together.  I like that it's a smaller brush so I can blend every little section of my face.  The first time I used this brush I fell in love, and eventually I will be back looking at their others. 

Do you use the Real Technique brushes?  Which one is your favorite?  
Let me know! 

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