Tuesday, October 21, 2014

L'Oreal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray:

I'm always looking for something to give my hair a little extra oomph.  I have super straight, super flat, hair.  While looking through the hair section at walmart, I saw this spray and decided "why not?" 

I've used this hairspray a few different times and in different combinations.  The first way  was on clean hair without teasing.  Just clean hair and the spray.  It worked for a little bit, but a few hours later, and you couldn't really see a difference.  

The second time I used it on day old hair with dry shampoo, the lift creation spray, and teasing.  It worked really great.   It kept as much volume as my hair could.  I'm not the best at teasing my hair, so obviously someone who is better could have better results, but what I did tease, stayed.  

The third time I used it on clean hair, lift creation spray, and without teasing.  It's definitely a product that if you want to keep the volume, you've got to tease it.   I mean it gives you some oomph, but nothing worth talking about.  

I'll keep doing different combinations and keep you as updated as I can, but for now this is what I have done with it.   Overall it's a nice product, and  it works if you know what you're doing.   I'm sure I'll play around with it in the future, meaning lots of teasing when I don't really have to go anywhere, and see where it takes me.  

The smell is an interesting one.  It's a mixture between floral and citrus for me.  It also has a hint of alcohol to it, but it's a hairspray so of course it does.  It's not offensive or anything, just interesting.  A youtuber who I watch described it as a baby powder/ bubblegum scent.  I don't smell either, and I really hate the smell of baby powder so I'm pretty sure I would be able to sniff that out.  I don't know.  Everyone has different noses, and they even could have changed their formula.  

The first time I used it, I used A LOT of it so it got stuck in the back of my throat for hours!  I was tasting this spray for I don't even know how long.  It was intense.  It's not an awful taste, it's actually sweet, but not something I really want at the back of my throat.  Just a small warning.   

The other few times it wasn't as bad.  Maybe only for an hour.  It also wasn't as annoying as it was the first time.  
I would recommend this to someone who likes volume in their hair and doesn't mind a little stickiness.  


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