Thursday, June 12, 2014

7 Things: Favorite Books:

These are my favorite books.  The ones that made me cry, made me think, and just made me happy.  
A few of these books I have written about before, so you might have already read how I feel about these books.  But I love these books, and I can't get over them.
 When I was younger, the books that I read  were the forced books that were assigned for class, and I never really liked them, so I never really liked reading.  That is until  I was about 17 and I haven't stopped reading since. 

I got Gone with the Wind, The Last Victim, and Dear John at a second hand shop.  That is why they're so beaten up.  I don't know what happened to Lucas.  

Gone With the Wind
I fell in love with the movie a really long time ago.  I think I've been watching it since I was six or seven.   I bought the book two years ago, I think, and I instantly started reading it.  It amazes people that I have read this book.  (Great company I keep right?)  I'm actually planning on re-reading this book over the summer.  I also have been planning two different tattoos from this book. 

The Last Victim
I saw this movie called "Dear Mr. Gacy" On T.V. about two or three years ago and at the end I found out that there was a book that went along with it.  I read this book in about two days.  It a very dark and emotional book.  But it's not bawl my eyes out emotional, it's play with your mind emotional.  Jason, the narrator, tries to get into a few different serial killers minds, mainly John Wayne Gacy, and really Gacy gets into his mind.  (If you know anything about Gacy then you'll know how twisted he is.)  It's a great read if you're interested in Serial Killers. 

The Outsiders
I read this book when I was 14 and then I re-read it when I was 20.  I love this book.  This is one of those I've read the book and seen the movie, and I think that the movie did the book justice.  I've never read then instantly watched, but I think that the movie was done really well.  This also is another book where I want a tattoo from.  But not "Stay Gold" because too many people have that.  I would want one that people would have to ask about, not just know.  

This book intrigued me a lot.  I got it when I was 12, and didn't touch it until  I was 19.  I liked it because it kind of put me into the mind of a teenager in the UK. I had never read a book that was written by someone from the UK until then, and I felt like it was a little different than an american teenager.  (Maybe I just have a complex. I don't know.)  Anyways, I thought about this book for a while after I finished it, and I really want to re-read it just because.  

The Bell Jar
I have written about this book before.  I'm pretty sure this was the first book I've read this year. (I'm actually in a book funk atm.)  When I read it, I fell in love.  I've always known about Sylvia Plath, and I've read a few of her poems for an English class, but I never thought that I would really like something by her.  Poems really aren't my cup of tea, but I decided to give The Bell Jar a try after I took the English class.  I'm glad that I did.  If you have never read this book, I really do suggest it.  

Dear John
I've thought about doing a whole separate post on all of the Nicolas Sparks books I own but for now, I have picked my favorite.  I am a sucker for a book that makes me cry.  Anything that will tear my heart out I will read.  This book did it for me.  I saw the movie first, then read the book very quickly, and then re-watched the movie, and let me tell you the movie is awful compared to the book.  I now hate the movie because of reading the book.  

White Lines 
This book makes me smile, makes me laugh, makes me angry, and makes me cry.  I love this book. I think I got this book around the age of 16 or 17 but didn't read it until I was 18 or 19.   There is a second one, but that one is not as good as this one.  If you have no interest in drugs then this book is not for you.  I definitely cried during this book.  I loved it.  


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