Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Garnier Ultra Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Cream Review:

This cream costs exactly $14.47 at walmart
I got this face cream a week ago, and it says on the box that you’ll see results in five days.   I’ve been using it for seven, and I don’t see any results, but I can feel them.   By which I mean that my skin is softer and feels smoother than it did five days ago.  This was also the only cream that I was putting on my face, except for a one time use of Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone.   The reasoning behind that was because I didn’t want any interference in my testing. 
The cream itself is heavy, which is to be expected since it is a night cream.  For me it was a little bit hard to get it to fully absorb into my skin.   I tried different amounts from what I normally put to a whole lot less and I still had a little trouble.  When I woke up the next day, I could still slightly feel it on my t-zone. 
My biggest problem with this cream is its smell.  Garnier usually has a typical fruitish smell to all of their products but this one is more like heavy hot plastic.  It’s not something that I can see myself getting used to; unless it after the jar is empty I see a vast improvement in my skin. 
As for the packaging, the jar is glass and the top is plastic.  It’s seems like a very durable jar, I don’t see myself breaking it, or it breaking if I were to take it on a journey with me.  It surprised me that it’s as heavy as it is, but that just makes me feel like it’s even more durable. 
When I use it all up, I’ll give an update on how much it worked for me, currently I would suggest it to a friend who was looking for a new night cream to try that is in the affordable drugstore range. 


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