Thursday, June 19, 2014

7 Things: Favorite Physical CDs

I have a lot of music that I love, and I have a lot of CDs on my iPod but I don’t have the physical copies of all of my favorites.   I love having the physical CD because it means that I can take it to more places.  Not all cars have the ability to take iPods and I just can’t stand the radio.  They play all of the same songs and all that other horrible mess.   I guess you could say I’m still stuck in the times of making mixed CDs rather than getting an adapter put into my car. 

1.       Ed Sheeran +
2.       Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare
3.       Demi Lovato Unbroken
4.       Rise Against  Appeal to Reason
5.       Demi Lovato
6.       Conor Maynard Contrast
7.       Blink-182 Greatest Hits

Anyways, these are my favorite physical copies.  They all have great meaning to me from some point in my life.  And I will cherish them forever.

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