Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Deep Nourish Review:

Last month I noticed that Garnier Fructis was giving out free samples of their newish marvelous oil.  I have wanted to try an oil treatment for my hair for the longest time, and I was really excited that they were offering samples.  I put in my information, and then I started to wait.  It took around four weeks to get here, maybe a little less, and then I waited two weeks until I was ready to try it. 
They offer three different types, the one that I got, deep nourish, then they have one for color treated hair and then one that is for frizzy damaged hair.  If they’re still offering samples, then you’ll get the marvelous oil, you don’t get to choose, which is fine by me.

Let me tell you a little bit about my hair.  I have straight hair.  I can’t do much to it because it all just falls out.  Even teasing dirty hair, with dry shampoo and hair spray it tends to fall flat.  I also have a tendency to touch my hair/ scratch my head and my hair get super greasy really fast.  Even without a lot of touching it tends to get greasy.  I do sometimes deep cleanse my hair, just in case of product build up, but I don’t have a scheduled timing for that.  I just do it when I remember.
I also don’t get regular haircuts.  I’ll sometimes take scissors to the ends of my hair, but I probably only get my hair cut by someone twice a year.  So, as you probably can guess, my ends get a little dry and frizzy looking.  That’s why I have been wanting to try an oil treatment.  

The oil itself, at first, smelled a little bit like coconuts, but as I was putting it through my hair, the coconut smell went away, and a light sweet smell took its place.  I love the way it smells.  There are five ways that you can use this oil. Those ways were mentioned, but the full instructions were not included. I had to visit the website to see which way I could use it. (if it had to be dry or wet hair.) 

This is what the website told me:
Use in any of 5 ways:
1. Pre-Shampoo Treatment: apply to wet or dry hair before shampooing to prime hair for gentle cleaning.
2. Conditioner Booster: Add 1 or 2 drops to conditioner to improve detangling.
3. Blow-Dry Accelerator: Apply to damp hair to dry faster than a conditioning cream leave in.
4. Ends Finisher: Apply to damp or dry ends to smooth split ends and tame flyaways.
5. Overnight Leave-In: Work into wet or dry hair, leave in overnight to restore softness.

 I decided on the overnight repair on wet hair. 

I used the whole sample, but I think that was a little bit too much, because I can feel a little bit of residue.  Not while touching my hair, but on my hands after.  My ends are very soft, I can definitely feel a difference.  I don’t see a difference in the shininess, but I have naturally shinny hair.  I wouldn’t say that it’s lightweight. 
In the end, would I suggest this to a friend?  Yes.  Would I go out and buy a bottle?  Yes.  I plan on it.  I like the way my hair feels.  It’s super soft and I like the smell.  I don’t know if the others have different smells to them, I might go to the store and see soon. 

If you have tried Garnier Fructis Marvelous oil, did you like it?  Let me know.

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