Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Empties #3:

Today I have my 3rd empties post.  I love these posts!  I don’t really know why but I can’t  get enough of them!   These are all smell good products this week.  Lots of soap.  Haha.

Dove Go Fresh Bodywash Blue Fig & Orange Blossom Scent:
Dove is my go-to brand when it comes to bodywash.  I tend to switch it up between this scent and the plum and sakura blossom.  I have no idea what a blue fig or an orange blossom are supposed to smell like, but I can tell you that this body wash so refreshing.  There is a light floral scent with like a creamy smell to it. As for being super moisturizing, it is.  I’ve never had another body wash be so moisturizing.   I love it and I suggest you got to your local store and give this one a try.  

The Bodyshop Shower Gel Atlas Mountain Rose Scent:
My last empties post had the other two shower gels that I got with this one.  And I do love them.  I find The Body Shop to be a little bit pricy vs going to a drugstore, and that is why I haven’t repurchased anything by them.  They are definitely a brand that I would visit around Christmas time or my birthday for a splurge, but as for every time I run out of soap, I can’t do that right now. 

Puffs Fresh Faces Wipes Light Lavender Scent:
This was my first box of these little face wipes, and I liked them to a point.  What it says on the back of the box is that they remove make-up and they can help you freshen up after a workout or if you have a runny nose.  They are primarily saline, aloe and vitamin E.
  The smell is a little off putting. I didn’t ever get lavender when I smelled them.  These are amazing for taking off my mascara and only my mascara.  I’ve struggled with other make-up wipes and these do the trick, but not so much for my other make-up which I found odd.   They are a nice thing to have in my bag after I’ve gone shopping and I just feel like my hands are covered in dirt and if it’s a hot day, I use them to freshen up my face a bit.
The only problem I have with the packaging is the lid.  It snaps in place fine, and opens fine, but about the third or fourth time I opened them, I noticed that they were dryer than before and that is when I discovered that the lid had slightly separated from the box, leaving air space. 
I got the other scent about two weeks ago and I like that one much better.  I’ll let you know if the lid of this box breaks off too. 

Neutrogena Pore Refining Exfoliating Cleanser:
I love this face wash.  I really do.  It works just as it says it does.  I’ve also never had any problem with my face becoming red because of the exfoliating beads.  It also works really well with my problem areas.  When I use it consistently, I don’t have any problem areas. 

Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden Perfume:
This has been one of my favorite perfumes since I was about 13 or 14.  An old friend of my used it and I loved it, so I started wearing it.   It might be a little strong for some, but I’ve never had complaints of it being too strong from the people around me.  (I have one perfume like that.)   I love it.  It’s definitely a go to for me. 

There you have it, all of the empties that I have collected recently.  Let me know if you’ve used any! 

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