Tuesday, April 8, 2014

No. 7 Cleansing Balm:

Ever since I got the Estee Lauder lotion make-up remover, I’ve been on the hunt for one that is more affordable, and while in Target, I found just that, plus a little extra.

When I saw that Target had a No.7 section I was surprised because I thought that was only a brand in the UK.  I don’t know if the brand is anywhere else, but I can for sure tell you that it is not at wal*mart, CVS, or Walgreens. 
I wasn’t really sure if I was going to like this lotion because it says it is for very dry skin, which I don’t have, I have combination leaning towards oily.  I was thinking that is was going to be too greasy for me, but I haven’t noticed any excess, and I've been using it for two weeks.  It’s a very smooth lotion, and when I put it on it feels a little heavy, but it works wonders.  On the label it says to avoid the eyes, but I don’t and I haven’t had an issue with it  burning my eyes.  
The plus of this make-up remover, is that it is a full cleanser, meaning that it is my only step at night regarding face washing.  I love that. 
  I haven’t used this cleansing balm on waterproof make-up, because I don’t own any, therefore I cannot say if this product will work as well for you if you use waterproof.
I think that I paid around $9 for this which is much better than $28 in my opinion, but it won’t stop me from splurging every now and again. 



  1. In the UK we have a large pharmacy called Boots. No 7 is there in store brand. Very highly regarded in the UK. Hope this helps!

    1. Yes, that's what I thought, I was surprised to see it over here in the US. Thanks!