Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Food in a Mug: Mac & Cheese

This week’s recipe is one of my all-time favorite dishes, Mac & Cheese.  I love a good homemade dish, but unfortunately that makes 8 servings.  So, I went out to find myself a single serving of mac & cheese, and of course I found it. 

1/3 Cup Pasta 
½ Cup Water 
½ Cup Milk (I used Fat Free because I have a dairy complex)
¼ Cup Shredded Cheese

Combine the pasta with the water and put it in the microwave for two minutes.  The water might boil over, and the only way that I know how to stop that is by opening the door if it starts to overflow.  
Once the two minutes are up, stir, and then repeat for another two minutes. 
After those two minutes, add the milk and the cheese, and then put the cup back into the microwave for another minute.  ( I had to extend the time to 1 minute 30 seconds.) 

Let sit for a minute then enjoy! 

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