Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Empties #1:

I hope that you're like me, and enjoy looking at products that people have used up because today I’m going to share with you a few products that I have used up.  Some I loved, some not so much.  I love these type of posts because it shows that the opinion is 100%.  The products wasn't used just for a few days, it was used for a month or so...I hope you're the same way.

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste:
This isn’t my first tube, and it won’t be my last.  I’ve been using this toothpaste for about six months now and I’ve notice a difference in my teeth.  They’re not like the commercials, but is anything ever?  My teeth are pretty normal; they’re not movie star white.  So, if that’s what you're looking for, then maybe you should invest in going to the dentist for a bleaching.  But if they’re a little yellow, and you want them to be brighter, than I suggest you try this product.  I’m sure that I could get my teeth whiter if I used the mouthwash that is specifically paired, but I’ve always used Act.  But I am thinking about switching, and when I do, I’ll update if there are any big changes.

Olay Fresh Efforts Make-up Remover Wipes:
For the past three years or so, I’ve used make-up wipes to remove my make-up.  Usually I would use Neutrogena wipes, but I decided to give Olay a try.  They smell really nice, but the cloth was rough.  I liked them at first, but eventually I noticed how rough they were.  They did the job, but I will not be repurchasing them.

Herbal Essence Tea-Lightfully Clean Shampoo and Conditioner:
I’ve been using Herbal Essence since high school.  When they stopped selling the drama clean with a very fruity scent, I was devastated.  I think I switched to treseme after that, and then  I went back to try their voluminous range.  When I started seeing the green bottles again, I was excited, but when I looked closer, I saw that the scent had changed.  I decided to try it, and I fell in love, not as much as the older scent, but very close.  I think these particular bottles were my third.  These are very minty.  I’ve accidentally gotten the conditioner in my eye, one word OUCH!  But I do love me so mint. 

Estee Lauder Take it away Make-up Remover:
I’ve talked about this product 100 times, and I will continue to talk about it.  I love this make-up remover, but it’s not within my price range at the moment.  This product is what made me decide that I love lotion removers, and I won’t be going back to make-up wipes.

Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser:
I’ve had this face wash for about a year now.  I got it because it was natural and I was in a class that was talking a lot about how gross chemicals are, and that there are so many chemicals in US products that aren’t even thought of in other countries. I eventually got tired of it, and moved on to a different product.  While using this facial cleanser, I didn’t notice much of a change, but if you know anything about my facial washing schedule, you’ll know it’s sporadic.  It also kind of smells like ketchup to me.  The moisturizer that goes with it smells of oranges, but it’s a very thick formula, and I stopped using it because it made my face way too greasy.  As much as I love the naturals, I will not be repurchasing. 

Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo:
I have no idea why I’ve never talked about this product before.  I love this dry shampoo.  I’ve used one other dry shampoo and I hated it.  (Talked about here.)  It’s hard to describe the smell, it’s very fresh.  It leans more towards citrus than floral, but it’s not exactly citrus either.  I love it, it works wonders and it works all day long.  I never have to think “Do I need a touch up?”  I’m pretty sure this is my fourth or fifth can. 

Have you ever used any of these products?  Do you love the ones I don’t or vice-versa hate the ones I love?  Tell me.


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