Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Yesterday was Easter, usually I post holiday posts on the holiday, but I was with my family and I didn’t get the chance.  

We always have dinner together.  This year we had ham and lamb for the meat course with a bunch of other side dishes including potatoes and green beans.  Then later on we had dessert.  My aunt this year made little lamb cakes, they were so cute, as you can see and they were so yummy. I forgot what kind of cake the body was, but the icing was buttercream, which in my mind is the best kind.  
We also had drinks that included Mudslides (Baileys Irish Cream, Vodka, Kahlua) and Black Russians. (Kahlua and vodka), they were so good!  
Easter is a Christian holiday, celebrating the return of Jesus.  According to the Scripture, Jesus was raised from the dead three days after his death on the cross.  In Western Christianity, Easter marks the end of Lent, which is a 40 day period in which a person disciplines themselves (for example, they stop eating meat) in preparation for Easter. Like I stated in my Mardi Gras post (here) Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, and ends on Easter Sunday.  Easter is always celebrated on the Sunday immediately following the Paschal Full Moon, which is basically the full moon after the spring equinox. What I didn’t know was that Easter was/ is actually a pagan holiday.  (Hence why it’s about the spring equinox.)  But many, many, holidays are technically pagan. 
When I was younger I would dye eggs with my family and then go to bed ready to wake up in the morning to them being hidden by the Easter bunny.  The reason why it’s a bunny is because rabbits have always been associated with spring, and it’s believed that the goddess of spring, Eostre, companion was a hare.  The Easter bunny also brought gifts that included candy and toys.  Even at 21 years old my mom buys me and my sister a chocolate Easter bunny. 

Such great memories. 

I hope that your Easter was fun and I hope you got some sort of candy or whatnot. 


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