Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What’s in my bag?

I know many people do this post/video, and I love them so I figured so do you.  I don’t know if this post would be easier as a video, I’m assuming it would be, but I’m just not interest in making videos.  Not my style.   So, here’s a small look into my bag. 

I bought this bag for $20 and it’s from Ross, unfortunately I don’t remember the brand.  I wanted an over the shoulder bag and this one has an adjustable strap so it was perfect.  Usually my bags have dividers in them, but this one does not, so things are a little less organized, but there is a small zipped pocket where I keep my chapstick, lipstick, and a lighter.  Then on the opposite side there are two pockets where I keep my phone, iPod, and gum. 

The Covergirl powder  is 525 buff beige  The other powder is by Drew Barrymore Flower in PP1 (Amazing powder btw)
I then have my wallet (Had to take a few items out) and a small makeup bag.  I got my wallet from Khols on sale for $16 and my make-up bag is from Paris, my Aunt got it for me so I have no idea what it cost.  Inside the make-up bag I have another chapstick (Orange from Mystic Water Soap), two powders, and extra hair ties/ bobby pins. 

Show off  is "Luna" and the covergirl is #235
I also have my house keys, a small hand sanitizer in the scent creamy pumpkin, (that I rarely use), a small hand lotion, a small bag of luck that a friend made for me a few years ago for Christmas, and my camera. 

Depending on the bag that I use, I’ll also carry around a small notebook.  This one is a little too small for that.   Also the bigger the bag the more items I’ll carry.  I’ve been known to have three different lotions, cough drops, a scarf, and a first aid kit.  It all just depends on the bag. 


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