Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Recipe:Spinach, Tomatoes, Eggs, and Feta Cheese Pita

This recipe is more of an eye baller than actual measurements.  When ever I make it, I ball park it.  If you want to have less calories, then use just egg whites.  You can also chop up the tomatoes more, but it's all pick and choose. 

1 egg 
1 egg white
2 Tbsp Milk 
2 Cherry Tomatoes, halved 
1 cup Baby Spinach, chopped
1/2 Whole Wheat Pita 
Salt and Pepper
Sprinkle of Feta 
Olive Oil 


Combine the eggs and milk.

Add the spinach, tomatoes, salt and pepper.

Pour into a lightly greased pan.  

While that is cooking.  Put a little bit of olive oil on the pita, both sides, and warm it up in a toaster oven or oven.  

After the eggs have fully cooked, sprinkle in the feta cheese and fold over the the omelette.  

Take the pita out of the oven, and stuff in the omelette. 



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