Monday, June 15, 2015

Maybelline New York Color Tattoo Metal 24 hour Eyeshadow Review:

Wow, that is a long title.  I've been using this eye shadow for a while now.  I'm usually not the biggest cream eye shadow fan, I've tried others in the past and they just weren't working out for me, but this one is actually great.

  I have one from L'Oreal that is basically in the same packaging.  (They're so alike I got them mixed up when I first purchased the L'Oreal one.)  So, I decided to purchase this one to compare it a little bit. (Not in this post though.)  

I got this eye shadow in the color 55 Inked in Pink.  It's a really nice shimmery dusty pink.  I've tried in in a few different ways.  By itself, with primer, and with other eye shadows paired along with it.  My favorite is pairing it.  This eye shadow NEEDS a primer.  There are no if ands or buts.  It just can't work without one.  

This shadow is in the metal line, which means it's shimmery, but there is also a solid color line called leather.  I plan on trying this one soon.  

When paired with a primer, this eye shadow has quickly turned into one of my favorites. It's true to color and  in the past month I've been reaching for it more and more.  In this pinky color,  I can pair it with anything and it looks great.  

Currently on the Maybelline site it costs $6.99 a jar.  

Pros: Long lasting with primer, lots of colors, 
Cons: I'm not sure I have any...

Have you tried this eye shadow?  


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