Friday, June 5, 2015

SmartCoffee App Review:

A little while ago, I was asked to download a coffee app, test it out, and to order a bag of coffee.  

The app is called SmartCoffee.  I was really surprised when I was able to download it because my iPod is five years old now, and I can't get a lot of newer apps because my iOS is not up to speed, and for a second there, I wasn't sure if the app was going to work, but I figured it out and got started. 
The SmartCoffee app is free, easy to use, and it comes with a whole lot of information on coffee and picking out the right blend for you.  

This app has a few different sections: coffee 101, glossary, Smart Coffee, picture gallery, and blend archive.  

Coffee 101: in this section there is a bunch of information about coffee, and how the founder of SmartCoffee started his journey to personalized coffee.  

Glossary: I'm pretty sure that the title gives this away, but the glossary holds all of the information in the app. 
Smart Coffee:  This is the section where you can go through  three sections picking out your perfect cup of coffee and after you find out what blend is right for you, you can purchase a bag. 
Picture Gallery and Blend Archive, again, pretty much explain themselves.  

I asked for help from my mom and my sister because they drink more coffee than I do, so I figured why not?  We decided on bright, gentle,  caramel, toasted marshmallows, and cedar.  After the app processed our selections, it picked out a blend called Albion River Inn Blend.  Buying the coffee was easy, and it took a week for  it to arrive.  It arrived exactly on the deliver date. 

The coffee itself is nice. My mom was the first to try it, and when she tried to make it the way she does her regular coffee it was weak.  So, now we just make it with a little bit more.  

SmartCoffee is a great new way to try out different kinds of coffee blends.  You can order to your specific tastes or you can mix it up a bit and find yourself a brand new favorite.  It's easy to use, and the coffee is priced (I think) fairly.  My bag came out to $14.50.  

10/10 would recommend! 


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