Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Recipe: Vanilla Protein Balls

I found this recipe on Pinterest.  I've been trying to cut back on sugar, but sometimes I have a little sweet crave.   I don't want to spoil all of the small changes that I have made to my diet, so I go looking for healthy alternatives, and that is when I found theses.  I did cheat by using sweetened coconut shreds, but that is what I had in my fridge from a different recipe.  The recipe says that it makes 10 balls, I ended up with 12.  

1/2 cup Rolled Oats 
1/4 cup Shredded Coconut 
2 Tbsp Ground Flaxseed
2 Tbsp Vanilla Protein Powder 
1/4 cup Dried Blueberries 
1/4 cup Almond Butter 
2 Tbsp Agave Nectar 
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract 


In a large bowl combine the oats, shredded coconut, flaxseed, protein powder, and blueberries.   Stir.  Then add the almond butter, agave nectar, and vanilla extract. 

 Blend together with your hands.  When the mix is finally mixed, roll into 1 inch balls. 
 Store in an air tight container in the fridge. 
 It should been good for a week. 


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