Monday, March 16, 2015

Covergirl Lipstick Review:

I saw this lipstick in a magazine ad and I just had to get it!  #295 Succulent Cherry by Covergirl.  I think the shade is perfect for spring and I have a few covergirl lipsticks so I know that they staying power is pretty good, as long as you’re not going to eat or drink a lot.  I think using a straw is okay, but eating is horrible.  Even with odd mouth movements. 

 I like to describe the color as a tomato red, and you can build it up a little bit with layers.   Covergirl’s lipsticks go on like a lip butter, very smooth and extremely soft, but they have the cover of a lipstick.  I love it. 

The smell of this lipstick, is like all of my other covergirl lipsticks.  Play Dough.  But the smell doesn’t stick, unless you put a few layers of the color on.  When I wore #335, I had a few layers on, and I could taste it in the back of my throat all night.  Also, this time the tube itself is red instead of a shinny purplish gray.   It makes it stand out, which I really like.  I haven’t really looked at any of the other colors in the collection, but I will soon and most likely purchase more.

This lipstick gets me excited for spring.  It will most likely be my go to color. 


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