Monday, March 23, 2015

InstaNaturals Peppermint Essential Oil:

I’m back with another InstaNatural post!  Haha.  I love InstaNaturals stuff.  Anything I have ever received from them, I have loved.  And this time is no different.  

Today, I have a Peppermint essential oil.   I received two oils, and I decided to put them into two different posts, so come back next week to know about the other scent! 

This oil is a pure oil.   It is very strong.  When I received the package I thought that a bottle broke because I could smell them through the packaging.  Happily the bottles were fine, but even if they were broken, the company is amazing and they’ll send you a new bottle.   This is one of the best companies I have ever come across.  They’re very helpful, and after you purchase the product, they send you an email talking about the different ways you can use the product.  It’s great.  I would have used the oils in only one way if they hadn’t sent me an email telling me about the benefits. 

I of course used them in a new bath bomb recipe.  Which is another blog post coming out soon.  I failed horribly the last time I tried to make bath bombs, but I’m thinking I’ll do alright this time.  (Fingers crossed!)

Some other ways to use Peppermint Essential Oil: Clear congestion, lessen headaches, wake yourself up,  eases nausea,  lowers stress, and eases muscles. 

Just rub some of the oil (best if you dilute it) into your skin, or smell it, lightly.  

Essential oils are my favorite, and I love having them around my house!


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