Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DIY: Bath Bombs Fail:

I'm sorry that this pic doesn't have coconut oil pictured in it, I forgot about it until after I took the picture, didn't think about taking a new one, and now I don't have all of the ingredients to retake.  My apologies! 
8 oz Corn Starch 
4 oz Baking Soda
4 oz Citric Acid
3 oz Coco Butter
2-3 Tbsp Sweet Almond Oil 
2-3 Tbsp Coconut oil 
½ tsp Essential Oil 
Food Coloring
Silicon Molds


Combine the dry ingredients into a large bowl and mix them up a bit.
Add in the liquid and oil (Except for the essential oil) into the mix by hand.
Add in the essential oil.  The measurement is really just a guide line, you can add more into the recipe if you want a stronger smell. 

Press the mix into the silicon mold and let them dry out.  This may take a few days. 

This DIY went terribly wrong for me.  Not going to lie.  None of the bombs came out in their shapes, so I rolled them into balls and went from there.  (They're really crumbly so it was a little difficult.)  I plan on trying again as soon as I can get the products that ran out, and I will post again. 

I decided to try out one of the smaller balls, to see if they would fizz up, and it did, but it didn't completely dissolve.  But, it is very moisturizing. 

So other than this not working out, it was a fun experiment, and when I try this again, if successful, I will have some tips for how not to turn out like this.  It took about two weeks for them to finally dry out where it should have only taken a few days.  

Side Notes:
I had two essential oils so what I did was split the mix into two different bowls. 
Also, when adding to the molds, I accident put too much in the dish, so add sparingly!  The mix rose, just keep that in mind. 

And I had a hard time finding both sweet almond oil and citric acid.  I found the sweet almond oil at Harris Teeter and I found the citric acid in the canning aisle at Walmart.  Just in case you want to make them, and also have a hard time.  

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