Monday, May 12, 2014

Birthday Celebration:

My 22nd birthday was on Saturday, and I celebrated like I always do.   The day before I went out to dinner to Osaka’s, and had the chicken and shrimp mean and a tray of the current sushi special and a tray of the sashimi special.  I unfortunately forgot my camera at home, so I do not have any dinner pictures. 

After dinner I went across the street to Safeway to buy a cake.  Who knew cakes were so expensive?!  This sucker cost $14. 

The actual day of my birthday, I just hung out with family and had a few celebration drinks.  I tried Hennessy for the first time, and I didn't like it, so I put it in Coke.  I also made an Incredible Hulk, which is 1 part Hennessy 1 part Hpnotiq, and I didn't like that either, but my sister loved it. 

This is actually from Cinco De Mayo, but I figured I should share. 
  It was a little odd, and I guess because of the way I had the corona in the glass it didn’t drain very well, so I eventually just pulled it out. 
Margaritas are one of my favorite drinks. 

So, now I’m a year older.  I don’t feel any different, but do you ever? 

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