Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Maybelline Collection!

My favorite make-up line would have to be Maybelline.  My everyday go to make-up is Maybelline, and even when I’m trying to “fancy” up my make-up, I typically use Maybelline.

 My favorite eyeshadow out of all of them is, of course, the one missing the label.  It’s the one that I get the most complements on. The silver is perfect by itself, or with all of the other colors.  If I'm not going smokey, then I just leave out 3D, but I typically don't.  My second favorite would have to be “Crown Jewels.”  The pink didn’t show up in the swatch, but in person it has a nice pigmentation.  On my typical lazy day though, I just use 1B.   

For the eyeliner it really depends on how I feel that day.  My favorite is the gel from the jar.  I typically don’t use it though because I try to do my make-up as fast as I can and if I mess up, I typically make a mess of my face.  When I have the time to actually slowly do my eyes, this is perfect for a cat-eye look.  My most used eyeliner would be the grey pencil.  It’s not too dark and it gives a nice little detail to my face.   When I want to go dark, I use the black pencil, but I typically don’t.  I used to in my high school days, but recently I just haven’t wanted to.  

 Mascara is my favorite kind of make-up, and if you were to ask me, “If you could only choose one make-up item for the rest of your life what would it be?”  I would instantly say Mascara.  My favorite is the “Mega Plush” which I use every day.  Then sometimes I top it off with the “Illegal length.”  I never use the” Illegal length” alone because I feel like it doesn’t give enough thickness, but if you want a very natural it will work very well.  I don’t typically use the “One by One” because it has a plastic brush, and I don’t really like the way it feels, but it is very nice mascara. 

 The blush is my go-to blush.  It’s perfect for any occasion, but you have to be very careful because it’s VERY pigmented, and even if it looks like you don’t have too much on the brush, you probably do.   Once you get the hang of that though it is perfect and lasts all day.  It’s the perfect shade of pink to give you the natural flush of your cheeks.  I love it.
The only thing that I didn't swatch and take a independent picture of was the powder foundation.  The reason because it's not easy to swatch.  It is a nice smooth powder, and I use it every now and then, but very typically I use a different brand.  


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