Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bows Update:

A few months ago, I posted this blog post on my bows, and today I'm updating my collection.  I made them all myself, and it's true what they say, practices makes perfect.  I have a few bows that are made from the same fabric, mostly the brown with blue dots, because either they vary in size, or I didn't like the first one. 
My favorite one is the cow print in the back. (Let's face it I'm a sucker for cow print.) It's also the biggest one I have made.  I wore the green and black one on Halloween, and everyone loved it.  Anytime I'm wearing my bows, someone tells me how cute they are, and better yet, they are so easy to make. 
Here they are, almost in size order, the last three are pretty much the same size. 
I feel like bows give an extra "oomph" to an outfit, and there are so many different fabrics out, there's an endless possibility to the style. 

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