Thursday, October 31, 2013

Favorite Lip Products!

Over the years, I have never worn color on my lips unless it was from lip gloss and that really had to be minimum.  I never wanted to attract attention to myself, but recently I've branched out.  I don't know if it is because I'm getting older, or if it is because the people around me.  So, after convincing myself that I should get some lipstick, I bought Revlon Pink Velvet.  But,  I couldn't convince myself to wear it.  I've worn it twice, maybe three times, out and I've rubbed it off each time.  A few weeks later, I was watching one of my favorite YouTubers and she  mentioned in her June Favorites video Rimmel London Apocolips.  I quickly googled them to find the closest store in my area that had them, to find out that they were not available.  Slightly bummed, I moved on.  Maybe about a week or so later, I was looking through the make-up aisle at a local drugstore and I saw a section of lip gloss that looked exactly like the ones in the video.  Looking closer, I found out that they were the same product, just with a different name. Here in the US they're called Showoff.

  • Color 1: Solstice
  • Color 2: Out of This World
  • Color 3: Luna
  • Color 4: Aurora
My favorite is Luna, and a close second is Out of This World.

They didn't have "Luna" the first time around, so I bought "Solstice" and "Out of This World."  Then the second time around I got "Luna" and "Aurora."

Slowly getting out of my shell with all of the colors above, I decided it was time to get another lipstick.  I went with a lighter color than the first time, and to be honest I wear it all of the time.  It's called "Rapture" by Covergirl.
Feeling a little more confident, and reading a review on a different site, I decided to buy a red lipstick, well lip butter.  The reason why I bought it was because the review said that it was an easy color, and it felt amazing on her lips.  It's "Wild Watermelon" by Revlon, and it's exactly like that.  It's very smooth and hydrating, and stays on for a while. ( Even with my bad habit of blowing bubbles with my gum, and rubbing my lips together.)
Sorry it's not the best, all of the other ones were blurry, also, I don't know why it has lines on it other than I might have hit my teeth...Idk.
I would have swatched it, but it's a lip butter, and it didn't work out too well. But it's a gorgeous color.

I have other lip colors and products but they are not my very favorite, so that is why they are not in this specific post.   I will later on take a picture of all my lip products even the ones that I am sure are not around anymore.

Thanks for reading! Byeee!

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