Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The day I fell in love with Estee Lauder!

At the end of October, there was a flyer in the mail for Peebles.  Usually I ignore them, but this time the products caught my eye.  It was a free gift from Estee Lauder, if you spend over a certain amount of money.   So when the time came around I went shopping with my mom to see if there was anything interesting to get.  My mom ended up getting an Estee Lauder perfume, and I got the free gift.  Inside of the gift was two jars, one big one small, of Advance Time Zone cream, a cream eye make-up remover, a lip conditioner,  a lipstick, and a mirror. 

My favorite is the Advance Time Zone.

 I have been using it for about two weeks now, and I have definitely seen a result.  Not so much around my eyes, but on my forehead.  It’s so creamy and smooth.  So much goes so far, and I just love it.  It also smells perfect.  It’s a light sent of creamy goodness, which is not something I am used to.  My other moisturizer smells like sunscreen mixed with a harsher cream.  
 I am also extremely happy with the cream eye make-up remover.  I have never used a cream to remove my make-up, but I am completely in love with it. 

  The lipstick is called “Candy Shimmer,” and it’s a very pretty pink.  The only reason why I’m not satisfied with the lip product is because I think that it dries out my lips, but it is long lasting. ( The reasoning behind the drying out could be because of the lip conditioner that came with it, or because of the weather.  I just have yet to test out the lipstick solo. ) Also, the other con of the free gift is the pattern.  It’s an odd feathery-jungle vibe. 
I fell in love with Estee Lauder because of this free sample pack, but unfortunately I still cannot afford to buy it consistently.  Hopefully the stuff I have now will last quite a while, at least until my birthday.  Estee Lauder for my birthday and by then I should have a job so I can get the products whenever I wish.

 Oh the dreams. 

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