Monday, May 4, 2015

Rimmel London Show off Lip Velvet Review:

A little while ago, I saw on tumblr that Jeffree star was coming out with a liquid to matte lipstick and I got really excited. It was such a different thing to me, and to be honest didn't even know it was a thing.  Then a lot of other brands started coming out with there own, all of them, out of my price range. Then, I saw that Rimmel London had their own and Rimmel London is in my price range. So I picked up three.

Originally, I had two, but I went to CVS and found another color that I wanted to try.   So far I have only seen five colors. 

The colors are 505 Burning Lava, 307 Meteoric Matte, and 405 Orange-ology. 

Now from what I've seen and heard liquid to matte lipsticks usually dry in a few minutes, with these, it took a long time. I want to say it took about 20 minutes or so to feel Dry and matte.  They also don't smell the same as the regular show off lip glosses.  They smell a bit more chemically.  But they do last a long time. I had mine on for four hours with drinking out of a water bottle that had a sippy nozzle.  

My favorite was going to be Burning Lava until I found Orange-ology.  I have never owned an orange lipstick, so I went out of my comfort zone while buying it, and I actually really, really, love it on me!  Burning Lava reminds me of 107 and Meteoric Matte reminds me of 30.  (Both of which I have)  But I haven’t actually compared them next to each other yet. 

So, if you want to try a liquid to matte lip gloss, and you can't really afford a higher end brand, go check these ones out.  Besides the waiting time, they're great!  


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