Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Nail Polish Collection:

I don’t have that big of a collection, nor do I have that many different shades, but here is my nail polish collection.  Some of them I have even had since I was 13 or 14.  That’s a really long time, but they haven’t gotten sticky or dry so I keep them.

From Left to right their names are: Top Coat.  370 Uptempo Plum.  460 Cherry Nice.  Purple Potion.  Hot Magenta.  650 Navy Baby. 908 Graphite Gravity.  902 Purple Passion. 
Most of my nail polish is by Sally Hanson.   The two extreme wears are the oldest in my collection.  I haven’t worn them in a while, but they’re still pretty nice.  The one that I wear most out of this collection is the Dark blue complete salon manicure.  It’s a little thick because it’s a base coat, top coat, and something else all combined into one.  It’s called Navy Baby. My other favorite is the purple magnetic polish. It’s called polar purple.  If you don’t know what the magnetics are then what happens is the top is a magnet and while the color is still wet you put it over and a pattern comes out.  These are waves.  Essie has one that does a sort of checked one.  It’s really cool. 

From Left to Right their names are: Limelight.  Power Play.  Screamin’ Fuchsia. 
The next ones might be hard to find.  I got these at a store called 5 and below.  If you can’t guess, everything in the store is $5 dollars or less.  My favorite is the hot pink, but I do tend to wear the purple more often.  These are another one you have to build up but they’re nice once you get there. 

Their names are 146A Love Letters and 133A Purple Pizzazz Frost.
The next ones are also really old.  I love them both.  I don’t think you can tell from the picture, but the purple has blue shimmer in it and it looks perfect. 

Their names are Cheatin’ and Strapless.
I'm not sure if they have any other brand name other than Pure Ice.  The purple one has a clear base with bigger glitter and the blue is clear based with small glitter.  Cheatin’ is more of a put over another color whereas Strapless you could wear on its own.  I love them both for many different reasons.

Their names are 660 Grape and Moon Candy. 
To me Moon Candy is a little cheat and it chips easily.  The glitter is really big and flakey so you have to be really careful when pulling away the brush or else you’ll have lumpy nails.  It’s not very practical, and I rarely use it.   Grape on the other hand is amazing.  You only need one layer and it dry quickly.  I love it.

This one’s name is 85 Bolting Blue.
I got this nail polish when I was up north for my cousins wedding.  It is the only Milani product I own. It was my favorite when I was a senior in high school.  I haven’t used it much sense, but it’s still such a nice blue.

This one’s name is Russian Navy.
My one and only OPI.  I got this one when I was 15 and I had just gotten a special little card that allowed me to shop at a store where only professional cosmetologist could shop.  I took one class, and I was going to continue, but other things got in the way.  I thought it was so cool and special.  I haven’t gotten any more OPI because I feel like they're too expensive.  I kind of just noticed that Nicole is by OPI.  So, I guess I have more OPI than I thought.  Woops.  I haven’t used this one in a long time, I should throw it out, but it has a little memory to it, so I think I’ll keep it for a while. 

From Left to Right their names are: Blue Lace.  Virtuous Violet.  Top Coat Plus.  
The next ones are by OPI, but it’s their Nicole line.  My favorite is the purple one.  I’m not a big fan of the top coat, but to be honest, I’m not fan of any top coats really.  They’re a little thin, but they don’t get gross and stick with buildup. 

This one is called 678 Bahamian Escape. 
For a long time, I couldn’t find the Essie color that I wanted, so I tried my hardest to find a dupe.  If you but this one next to the Essie you would think I were blind.  It’s a beautiful sky blue and I use it often.

This one is called 107 Robin’s Egg.
Keeping up with trying to find an Essie dupe, I picked up this one.  Still nowhere near close, but a pretty color nonetheless.  It’s very close to a robin’s egg.

This one is called Pumpkin.  (Really not shocking.)
I got this one from a friend.  It was brighter originally, and it’s a Halloween special.  I never use it because of how cheap it is.  It’s very thin and gross.  I have no idea why I kept it. 

This one is called 270 Shocker.
This one is by Rimmel London, and I use it often.  When I’m craving pink this is my go to.  You only need one coat and it dries very fast.  I don’t think it’s exactly 60 seconds, but it’s quicker than some.

This one has no name.
I got this from Hot Topic when I thought it was cool to get things from Hot Topic.  I never use it, because its thick and I don’t like the small handle. 

This one is called Mint Apple Candy.
As I said earlier, I looked for this one ever where, no luck.  I looked for dupes, no luck.  Then finally I found it.  I was so excited for it because many love Essie.  Me not so much.  I found it to be thin.  It’s hard for me to get it even and after it dries, I feel like it chipping an hour later.  I love the colors Essie offers, but I don’t think I’ll be buying another. 

Wow that’s long!  If you stuck in this long, tell me which was your favorite?  Let me know!


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