Monday, September 28, 2015

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick Review:

Typically when I'm looking at the Rimmel London rack, my eyes go straight to the Kate Moss line.  But a little while ago, (okay a long time ago, like birthday long time ago) I picked up this lipstick in shade Alarm.  This lipstick has a nice creamy feel to it with the tiniest bit of shine.  I would describe it as a creamy matte. 

I had used it many times by this picture.
The red of this lipstick is very bright.  I guess that is why it's called Alarm.  It's gorgeous!  Wearing it for two hours with a little bit of drinking out of a water bottle and it stays just where I put it.  I then ate with this lipstick on.  The meal that I had was ribs,rice, and carrots.  I ate the ribs with a fork, but I still consider it to be a messy meal, and after dinner this lipstick was still on except for in the corners of my mouth.  Which is pretty typical when eating with good lipsticks. 

 So in my opinion, this lipstick has AMAZING staying power. 

This lipstick didn't crease on me at all.  It didn't cling on to any dry bits on my lips.  It also wasn't drying at all.  Sometimes the Kate Moss line makes my lips feel dry, but this one didn't.  It also wasn't messy.  You know how some lipsticks (especially after eating) can end up all over your face?  This one was not like that at all!  I love it and I can't wait to add more to my collection!

The smell is interesting. Instead of having a fruit undertone like the Kate Moss (red) line, it kind of smells of fruity cinnamon. It's nice. 

I think I paid around $4 to $5. 

Pros: color, staying power, price
Cons: haven't found any. 


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