Monday, August 3, 2015

Maybelline Color Blur by Lipstudio:

When I saw this lipstick in the store I was really interested in it.  It wasn't in your typical lipstick tube and it also came with a little rubber end that I typically only see with eyeliner.  So, I picked up a stick in the shade 25 Cherry, Cherry, Bang, Bang.  

On the end it shows you how to apply the lipstick, and I wasn't exactly sure if I was doing it right, and the first time I didn't, but the second time I think I did pretty well.  I thought it was a little spotty, but after looking up the proper way to use it, the rubber bit is supposed to help with ombre lips, and for full lip coverage, you just use it like any other lipstick.  (Made me feel silly for not knowing that!) 

While applying this lipstick I thought to myself that it had a really smooth feel to it.  It was very, very, velvety.  For a matte lipstick, it was very creamy.  Now, matte lipsticks are a hit or miss with me.  They can either be perfect or they can dry my lips out and cling to every imperfection on my lip.  This lipstick was a little of both. It felt really nice until after about an hour.  Then it started to feel a little dry, and when that happens, I typically, subconsciously, start rubbing my lips together and  licking them. I tried to refrain as much as I could, but it still happened every so often. Even with that feeling, the lipstick still looked really great.  It wasn't creasy or anything like that.  After two hours the lipstick faded to a more pink tone, and it felt a little heavy on my lips. With just minimal lip use, this lipstick lasted around two and half to three hours. After eating, it was pretty much gone. 

The lipstick doesn't have a smell or a taste to it, so that is pretty much a plus with me. This lipstick cost around $7.99, and I plan on going out and buying a few more, even if I don't use the rubber bit, the lipstick itself is still really nice.  

Pros: nice feel, great colors, true matte finish
Cons: the rubber bit, price, feels a little heavy after a few hours

Have you tried the color blur lipsticks yet? 


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