Monday, August 17, 2015

Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Brightener:

I wasn't sure if this was a concealer or if it was just a brightener, and I've settle on that it's both, but it's only for under your eyes.  You wouldn't want to put a brightener on a spot.  Another thing that I wasn't sure about was the shade of this concealer.  It was the lightest one I could fine, and I still felt as if it wasn't exactly light enough.  But, as it turns out, it's perfect for me.  I bought mine from Walmart for about $6.29.  When I looked the concealer up online, I saw that there were four colors: fair, light, medium, and honey.  There is also a brightener and a neutralizer.  According to the bottom of my concealer, I bought the brightener, but on the package it said light, so again, I am confused as to what I exactly bought.  Are they all brightener concealers or was it labeled wrong in the factory.  I don't really know.  

Other than that whole confused mess, this concealer is a pretty nice concealer.  It covers my under eye circles as much as any other concealer I use, but it also brightens my eyes up.  The little sponge is a little annoying, especially since it doesn't work like a brush, and blending is really hard with it alone, so I always go back and use a brush to blend it out.  It blends really well into my skin tone, I was really surprised by that.  

As for age rewinding, I don't know.  I do have creases under my eyes and I can still see then while using this product.  Also, I still have under eye circles. That could be because I don't use the concealer every single day, but I've used it enough that I should be seeing some kind of change, I don't.  

This concealer lasts for around three hours. It will also crease in that time.  

Pros: Brightens, conceals, blends
Cons: Labeling, little sponge 

Do you like this concealer?  Let me know! 


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