Monday, February 9, 2015

Wet n' Wild Lipstick Review:

Today I have two new Wet n' Wild lipsticks, that I am totally in love with!  I think about a year ago I reviewed two other Wet n' Wild lipsticks, and I said I didn't like them.  But since then I've really gotten into wearing lipstick regularly, and I've just adapted to their "difficulties."  I was really harsh to them, saying that I was worried that they weren't staying on and that the darker one stained the area around my lips.  I'm MUCH better with lipstick now, and I think the reason why I was so worried about it being down my face was because I wasn't careful with my mouth.  Plus I have this habit of rubbing my lips together. 

Now, I'm not going to lie, it was advertised in the store that they lasted four hours, they don't.  I've gone out and had a few drinks and had to re-apply to where the straw had been on my lips, but other than that I really like these lipsticks.  I wear "Wine Room" all of the time, and ever since I bought it, I've been leaning towards "Stoplight Red" a lot.  

Now, on to the actual colors in these pictures...The first is a lovely purple color called "Sugar Plum Fairy."  I really like the dark purple/ dark red lip look, but I'm still a litte shy.  They're not as true on my hand as they are on my lips so I'll post two pictures to my Instagram of me wearing them. (It's dark out, I can't snap pics yet.)  It's my second purple lipstick, and I love it!  

The next color is called "Stoplight Red."  And as I said above, I've been reaching for it when ever I go out.  It's a very  bright red.  I'd call it a pure red, but my sister wouldn't.  I haven't noticed if it goes pink or not.  Some of my other lipsticks will turn more pink, but I think this red stays red.  Funny story (to me), I went out to dinner and wore this lipstick, and I usually, to be cautious, take my lipstick off with the napkin, but this place has cloth napkins, and I wasn't about to rub lipstick all over it.  So, I ate very cautiously, and it stuck pretty well.  But there was this older man staring at me the whole time.  I guess he thought I was eating funny, I don't really know.  But I can at least tell you, that if you're careful, this lipstick will stay on through dinner.  Haha.  

Anyways, I'm sad that I gave such a bad review at first, Wet n' Wild lipsticks are amazing.  I love, love, love, them! 


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