Monday, February 23, 2015

Wet n' Wild Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Review:

I'm going to tell you right now that I am terrible at applying liquid eyeliner.  I don't have a lot of practice with it, so I don't wear it, and without wearing it I don't get the practice I need.  So, I decided I needed to buy some and I needed to practice with it.  But to be honest, I don't usually put on make-up to lounge around the house, and I don't use liquid eyeliner for days that I leave the house.  So, I haven't used this much.  But the few times that I have decided to use this wet n' wild liquid eyeliner, I've liked it.  

Now, when I read waterproof, I think "Alright, good.  It won't smear in the summer when I get sweaty. Or if it starts to rain, it will stay where it is."  and so far so good.  Water does not remove this eyeliner. Neither do my make-up wipes.  Not completely anyways.  This eyeliner stays, stays for days.  I've used oils, creams, and wipes, and I guess you could say most of it came off, but I could still tell I had eyeliner on.  Maybe if I use the combination of all of them?  Not sure.  It took a few showers to go back to normal. 

The brush isn't a brush brush.  (Nice description, Ann.)  What I mean is that the last time I used liquid eyeliner, it was like a nail polish brush only really thin, and this one is more like a felt tip.  You would think that I would be okay with it, since i love felt tips, but I guess it's the liquid part that messes me up.  

I need to start setting aside time to practice, because I love the way it sticks, to be honest, and I love the look of liquid eyeliner. But until then, I'll stick with felt tip/powder.  

Do you have any tips? 


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