Monday, January 19, 2015

Instanatural's Moroccan Rose Water Ultimate Facial Toner:

This is the third and last product form Instanatual I received, and I'm pretty sure it's my favorite.(Seaweed Powder & Argan Oil)  But, I'm biased.  If you've been here long, then you'll know that anything and everything rose is my jam. If you haven't been here long, well, now you know! (Except for Herbal Essences Color care Shampoo, that was not rose.) 

I'm not really sure what toners do.  It says minimize pores, but you can't really do that...I guess it's just a temporary thing.  I don't know.   I use a toner here and there, when I remember that I have a toner.  I've used two toners, this one, and one from Simple.  Again, I like this one more.  

There are a few things that you can use this toner for.  The first, is as a toner. (Duh!)  On the label it says that "To maintain the pH balance of skin and tighten pores apply rose water with a cotton ball to a clean and dry face and neck in upward strokes."  When I do this, my skin feels firm and slightly tight, but not a bad tight.  If that makes sense.  It's a total plus that I can smell roses for a few minutes after, until I put on my moisturizer.  

Another way to use this is for hair care.  I have yet to do this, because I want to keep this toner around as long as possible.  I've got a big head, and it's not a never-ending bottle. Haha.  It says, "For soft shinny hair, apply rose water directly to your scalp in a gentle manner.  Let it sit for 20 minutes before you wash your hair with shampoo.  You may also mix it with your shampoo."  Maybe I should do that, mix it in.  I read somewhere that rose water is supposed to help with an itchy scalp.  That would be good during the colder months. 

The last way to use this rose water (with directions) is in the bath.  "To experience a scented and relaxing bath mix a little bit of rose water into the bath water."  I have done this.  At the beginning there was a soft hint of rose, but as the bath proceeded, it faded.  If my memory is correct, it lasted about 5 minutes.  I won't be using it in the bath again.  

Then there is a list of ways to use it without direction,  those ways include: aftershave, acne, sunburn, blemishes, aromatherapy, and more.  Maybe I'll keep this long enough to use it against a sunburn.  I usually get a sunburn in the spring time.  If I do, I'll get back to you, probably when it's empty or on Twitter.  

Like I said, I'm a sucker for rose, and this doesn't disappoint.  It's exactly what a good rose scented product should be.  It's floral and light.  Think Grandma, I know I do.  I love it. 

Have you ever used a rose water product?  Let me know!  


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