Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My 1 Year Anniversary!

On this day one year ago, I decided to start a blog on blogger.  I didn’t think it would get anywhere, and I didn't think anyone would read it, but it turns out I do have some readers.  It’s really exciting.  I also didn’t think that I would keep it up.   I started out sporadic, here and there, with some kind of random things. I then buckled down, and thought out a schedule.  I’ve changed it up a bit here and there, but I’m pretty set with how I’m doing things.  I like that I have a little bit of everything. 
This blog has introduced me to new foods and drinks and more make-up items.  Before this blog I never really wore lipstick and now (even though I’m not very bold) I love it.  I find myself not leaving the house without it. 

Without this blog, I never would have found some of my favorite blogs that I read either. 

I’m so happy that I actually kept up with something for a whole year.  I’m glad that I didn’t give up when I wanted to, or when I felt too overwhelmed by how much I was doing.  I can’t wait to see where my blog is a year from now.

It’s just so exciting! 
Yay me!


If you're interested here is my first post ever!

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