Monday, April 20, 2015

Loreal Paris Boost it Blow Out Heat Spray Review:

Recently I ran out of the heat protector that I've been using for at least two years now and  I googled around and found out that Loreal Paris has one that is  also supposed to lift your hair. As you know, I will try anything that says it will add volume to hair.  

This stuff works pretty well. I've used it twice now and each time I have noticed volume to my hair. I have one volume adder that if I use too much the my hair feels weird. This one has no issue like that.  
It smells like a lighter version of the teasing spray, but that smell doesn't stay in my hair.  I haven't paired them together yet, but I'm sure they would create a lot of volume with out the damaged of backcombing. (Even though it is suggested to backcomb with the spray.) 

It says on the back that it is a "workable, holding matrix that locks style strand by strand."  I haven't tried to curl my hair with it, because I don't usually curl my hair, but if I decided to curl my hair, I'll do a little update post.  


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