Monday, January 20, 2014

Wet n' Wild Lipstick

A little while ago I went out to a discount store to buy some make-up that I talked about here.  Also while I was there, I picked up two wet n’ wild lipsticks, “Just Peachy” and “Wine Room.”  I wanted a darker more winter color, and I went with a peach color.  What attracted me to them, besides the colors, was that they lasted four hours.  They don’t.  “Wine Room” is more likely to stain the area around my lips than my lips themselves.  They both rub off really easily and I’m constantly worried that they’re half way down my face, or even worse just on the outside of my lips.
I think that I paid $2 for them both, so it’s really not much loss and it is kind of expected since they are cheaper, but I like to give everything a chance.  I would give these two stars out of five.  Not my favorite lipstick, but they’re also not my worst purchase ever.  

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