Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mystic Water Soap:

Every year there is this festival a few hours away from where a bunch of people set up tents and sell their products that they have made.  My friends and I started going to this festival four years ago, and we have gone every year except last year. At this place, there is food, crafts, jewelry, soap, hats, purses, everything.  It’s all pretty much handmade, and that’s what I love about it.  
There is this one shop that was there the first and second time I went called Mystic Water Soap.  They sell handmade soap, chapstick, face wash, lotion, and soap accessories. The soap bars that I have bought from them, I have since used up, but I still have some whipped shea butter and chapstick. 
In this picture I have four chapsticks in Vanilla, Orange, Devils food cake, and Espresso.  They're so smooth and creamy. My favorite is the orange with vanilla being a close second.  I also have a shea whipped butter in the scent Pink Sugar.  I doesn’t say what the fragrance is, but it’s a very sweet smell. I’ve had it, since the second time I went, and it’s still going. 
I’ve looked at their site, and Pink Sugar is no longer available, the scents that are listed are true to scent.  Also, the only chapstick that is still available is Espresso. (Theres a vanilla butter cream, but I think that different)  The Espresso has a very strong scent (unless they have changed their ingredients) but for someone who loves coffee it is a very good choice.  I wouldn’t mind trying the watermelon, Piña Colada, and Lavender Honey.  Hopefully I’ll be able to go back this year. (I have a buyer’s card that is almost up where I get a free something.)
If you would like here is their website! You should check them out, and buy something. It’s so worth it.


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