Monday, July 6, 2015

MUA Review:

I recently discovered that CVS now sells MUA.  I don't know how they've been selling the line, so it's very new to me.  There isn't much of a selection.  They have a few different lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners, lashes, and brushes.  I'm assuming the line has more, I mean it is called Make-up Academy...

I decided on three things; a anti-feathering lip liner, a lip scrub, and a lipstick. 

Lip Scrub: 
I've never made my own lip scrub, nor have I ever tried one.  I picked this one up for convenience.  There's not much to it really. It barely tastes like mint.  It's more petroleum jelly tasting than anything.  There's also not much sugar to it.  Sugar does come out, but I have to use more than I thought I would to make it feel like it's exfoliating anything.  I did read somewhere that it's not very moisturizing, but I think it's fine in that department.  I don't have to put on a Chapstick after I use it.  I probably won't buy another one. I've also discovered, after having it for a few months, that it separates.  I tried to use it the other day, and only oil came out.  I had to shake it to mix it up again.
  It cost around $5. 

Pros: convenient, exfoliates, moisturizes
Cons: not much sugar, tastes a little odd

#230 Coral

When I first tried this lipstick, I didn't like it.  I wasn't sure what I was going for when I picked it up.  It didn't specifically say that it was a high shine lipstick, but it's pretty shiny.  The reasoning behind me not liking it at first is the staying power...It barely has any.  Because of this,  I have rarely worn it.  It's a really pretty color though! 
It also smells like candy.  The smell is just while it's in the tube, and I don't notice it the second it goes onto my lips, but while it's in the tube, it's a pretty strong sweet smell, and I'm not sure if I like it. 

Pros: pretty color, different to my other lipsticks
Cons: smell, staying power 

Lip Liner: 

I tried this lip liner under a lipstick that I absolutely hate.  It's called anti-feathering, so I thought that it would help it out, I was so wrong.  The lipstick still dried out my lips.  It still pills on my lips, and it still settled into the cracks.  
When I used it under a better lipstick it didn't do much.  Like any other time I have used a lip liner, I felt like my lipstick faded faster than if I use it alone.   

Pros: I don't really see any
Cons: Didn't work for me. 

In the end, I don't know if I'll buy more.  I do have one other lipstick that I have yet to try, and I'm pretty sure that one is a matte and maybe I'll like it better.  Who knows...That review will be coming eventually.   I also think that I paid way too much for these three products.  When I looked online to see if I had bought a high shine lipstick, it said that the lipstick was only 1 euro, which roughly translates to two dollars...I think I paid around 4 to 5 dollars.  

Do you like MUA? Let me know! 

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