Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hard Candy Long Wear Eyeshadow Primer:

Two or so weeks ago, while out shopping, I picked up a primer by Rimmel London after failing to find the one from Hard Candy.  After a few weeks using the Rimmel London primer, I feel like it’s not doing exactly what I want.  While it’s great for protecting the whole face, I still felt like my eyeshadow was suffering from creasing and fading.  So, I went on the hunt again for the Hard Candy one I originally wanted that is specifically an eyeshadow primer, and I found it.  
On the box it says “intensify color and wear of any shadow,” and from my use of two days, I can say that it does intensify color and after all day wear my eyeshadow has not moved at all.   I even forgot that I was wearing make-up and rubbed my eye and it’s still 100% intact.  I have fallen in love with this product.  
I didn't know that it had a tint to it, but when applied I didn't see the tint at all.  

For someone with pretty much no budget (I have like a $20 monthly budget) this primer fits in perfectly.  The price of this primer is only $5, and I think I paid around $6 or $7 for the Rimmel London Primer.  (Of course that is an allover primer.) 

 I love them both, but if I had to choose just one it would be the Hard Candy one. 

If you have used either of the products mentioned, did you love or hate them? 

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