Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My first impression of…

One of my favorite things is when I’m going through a magazine and they have a free sample attached to their coupons.  

Today I’m going to be giving you my first impression on Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleaner.  There was more to the packet than I had originally thought.  There was enough for my face.  The woman in the picture, her whole face is a gray color, but that was not the case once I applied it.  It was clearer with a tint of gray, it then turned to foam.  (Then I saw that the second box, with the lady on it is actually a face mask, not the product I was sampling.)  It smells great.  It has a light hint of menthol.  I don’t really know what scent I was expecting, but the Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleaner has a light clean menthol scent.  Like any other face wash, it was sticky and gooey.  I thought it was supposed to be more of an exfoliant, but I was wrong about that.  It says that it has 2x stronger pore cleaning force, but I noticed the same amount of clean pores that I get from the face wash I currently use.  Maybe it's because it was a one time sample, and over time it changes (like all products) but I'm not really sure.

 My skin after was super soft.  The softest I think after a face wash in a while.  The only downside was that my forehead was shiny after, but that eventually went away.

So, pros: super soft skin, clean, great scent.
Cons: Shiny forehead and my face was a little itchy after I used it, but that doesn’t mean it will happen to you, it could have been other factors.

I would suggest this product if someone was looking for a new product to try.

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