Friday, October 2, 2015

Happy Friday:

Hello!  Hope your day is going well!  

For the past two weeks outside has been nothing but clouds.  No rain, just clouds.  I hate it.   Rainy days doing make me feel cozy.  They don't make me feel relaxed.  I don't enjoy the wetness.  I like warm sunny days with a little bit of a breeze.  But where I live, that day happens about 10 times a year.  So, here  I am, stuck, in  clouds.  When I take pictures for this blog, I try to use natural light.  So, with all of these clouds I haven't been able to take pictures of anything.  I really should learn more about lighting and taking pictures, but I don't exactly know where to start.  I get overwhelmed easily when it comes to things I've never learned before.  I guess that is something I should look into while I'm waiting for my sunny days to come back.  (Good luck, it is Fall after all!)

I've also been preparing to go on a different diet.  It's kind of like a Paleo-vegan hybrid.  It's not that interesting, but since I'm the only one in the house going on a diet, I have to make all of my meals in advance.  That is a little stressful.  I don't know how I'm going to find room in the fridge for 7 days worth of food.  But I'll figure it all out.  

What I'm really excited to talk about is my new iPod.  I finally decided to buy a new one, and since I'm not really looking for a new phone (plus I wouldn't go iPhone) I got a gen 6 iPod.  I LOVE it!  I'm still getting used to it, my old iPod is a I don't even know.  I got it in 2009 for Christmas. I really liked it, and I still use it for my alarm clock because I've been known to drop it and I don't want to drop my new one.  A broken screen is the last thing I want.  I really like that this iPod has a camera, especially since I'm still using a phone from 2010, no picture quality.  This new iPod means I get to use my Instagram instantly, which is very helpful.  I also have the Twitter app now and my sister convinced me to get Snapchat.  I don't use it much, plus I only have four friends on it, but it's fun.  So, if you have any app suggestions, let me know!  

Now that Fall is here, all of the new TV shows are coming out (and old ones are coming back) and it's very exciting.  I've been watching Fear The Walking Dead, and I'm not sure if I like it.  I really like The Walking Dead, so maybe this show will grow on me in the second season.  But I'm not making any promises to it.  I also started (it's only two episodes in) Limitless.  I really like it so far.  I watched the pilot and I instantly had to go find the movie on Netflix.  It's not needed to watch the show, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing any back stories.  Scorpion has also started back up, but I'm still on the fence with this show.  I like it enough to watch it, but if it gets canceled, I wouldn't be disappointed.  Scorpion has an actress from Forever, a show I loved but it got canceled, so I guess that's a plus.  Then there's my typical ABC Family shows, currently only Switched At Birth and Young & Hungry.  I think the only reason why I still watch ABC Family shows is because I started them 5 years ago, and I just want to see how everything turns out.  Young & Hungry is only on it's second season, so I'm not like "wow, this is getting stretched out."  It's a pretty funny show.  

I'm excited for October to start, so many other TV favorites! 

What's your favorite TV show?  I'm always up for a new TV series to watch!  


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