Monday, June 29, 2015

Revlon Lip Butter:

When I first got into lipstick, I went out looking for Revlon Lip Butters because I read how lip butters are better for beginners since they're not as pigmented as an actual lipstick.  That was almost two years ago now, and I recently add to my collection the color 027 Juicy Papaya.  I've always wanted this color, but I was never sure if I'd like it on me.  The tube made it look a lot more orange than I thought it was, but it's really a pink orange. 

I'm usually a huge fan of these lip butters.  They're easy to build up and they have lots of different shades, but their staying power is weak.  Typically the color looks great no matter if it's the first layer or the fifth, but with this one, it looks awful until it's really thick and even then, it's not the best look. 

Being a lip butter it's not drying at all and once it's been on for a bit, it doesn't feel as if it's sliding off of my lips.  On really hot days, this lip butter will melt.  I've never had a mess in my hand bag, but I have gone to put it on my lips and destroy the shape of the stick.  I've even had one of mine actually move, so it doesn't line up with the tubing.  That does annoy me a little bit, but at least it still works.  

Pros: usually good color, perfect for a light lip day, many colors 

Cons: melty, this specific color is awful, staying power (but that's a typical lip butter) 

Do you have any of these? Tell me which ones! 


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