Friday, May 29, 2015

Happy Friday!

I know my Friday posts have been lacking.  I have some archived FOTD's but currently I don't feel like using them. I don't know when I'll resume my FOTD posts, I'm sure it will be sooner rather than later, but who knows currently.  I love FOTD's, I like make-up, but with me, I get repetitive.  I'm sure it looks like I only own three shirts. 

Last time in my Friday post, I talked about how I switched to a vegetarian diet with eggs, but now only two weeks later (I was a true vegetarian for a month) I've decided to have one meat day. (Birds only.)  For the first week I felt great, but then slowly, I just didn't feel like myself, and now that I have one meat day, I feel a lot better.  I'm still counting my calories, and trying to be healthy.  

I also started and finished Sons of Anarchy.  I really liked it, until the last season.  I felt like it was just too repetitive. But looking back, I guess the whole show is kind of repetitive. But I'd give it a 4 out of 5 stars. I'm not really sure who my favorite character is.  I really liked Bobby, Chibs, and Juice.  I liked Jax too, but since he was the focus character, I don't want to put him as my favorite.  I also really liked Unser.  

I'm still reading Harry Potter.  I'm on the sixth book, and I've slowed down my reading so much that my total now equals a book a month.  I really like reading.  I've just been in a mood.  But I'll finish the sixth on and start the seventh before June is over.  Then I have no idea what to read next.  I have lots of books, (Did I ever do a haul on my Christmas books?  I'm sure I did...) I just don't know where ot start next.  

I can't believe that May is practically over, I hate how fast time goes!  Ahh! 

Anyways, I hope May has been good to you! 

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