Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy Friday!

Last week I posted an ebook review instead of a little update, so this week instead of a FOTD, I'm going to give a little update.  

If you read last weeks post, on the ebook, then you'll know that I've decided to become a vegetarian.  But, I can't actually say I'm 100% vegetarian because I do still eat eggs.  I really, really, love eggs.  I also sometimes have real cheese but, mostly, I eat vegan cheese.  So I would be put into the ovo-vegetarian section.  

It's been about four weeks (on Monday) since I've changed the way I eat.  I'm eating smaller portions, I'm eating a little bit healthier (I still eat frozen meals, but they're organic, that's good right?!)  and I feel better.  I have lost some weight, and soon, I'm going to start working out.  I have also cut out soda (I only drank diet) and I'm not eating as much sugar.  

When it comes to dieting and food, I never want anyone to know about it.  I don't want my friends to know I'm eating different, because I don't want them to make comments, and they will.  Same with my family (besides my mom and sister.)  So, recently with I've had a bunch of things happen, where cake, doughnuts, and pasta, were involved.  So, in the past week I've had processed foods, and lots of sugar.  

My body didn't have a problem stopping, but now after I have eaten some bad foods, I've been craving it more.  And even worse, my birthday is coming up, and I'm not skipping my favorite meal of the year, just because of my birthday. 
This meal includes chicken and shrimp.  Then I'm back on the straight an narrow.  

Wow, that is a lot about my diet.  I guess that's because my life is currently that.  

So, what does this mean for my recipe posts?  They'll be changing.  I do have a few recipes that have meat in them on my pinterest, so I'll make them and my family can try them an tell me all about them.  Or I'll leave out the meat, and tweak it.  

I will also keep talking about my food journey, along with everything else going on in my life. 

So, back to my social life!! 

Last saturday, was my friends bridal shower.  I won the triva game about her. And we did toilet paper wedding gowns and bridal bingo, and guess when she'll get pregnant.  I guessed this month.  Just because.  It was a fun time.  I didn't bring my camera, because I was going to do wedding pictures, but unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the wedding.  Her wedding was on the 4th and it had a Star Wars theme to it.  Her and her husband treated everyone to lunch at a cool looking place that has lots of different and interesting burgers.   ( I looked up the place online, and saw lots of pictures!)  Then instead of having a wedding cake, they had doughnuts, all designed around Star Wars.  A different friend who lives close by came over after the wedding and delivered them to us.  

Then last Sunday, my Aunts came over for one of their birthdays and we had lunch, Chicken Pasta and Caesar Salad, with cake and ice cream for dessert.  They're coming back over in a week or two to have lunch again.  I have a feeling they'll be over a lot this summer.  

Then, this Sunday is my Birthday! I'm turning 23.  Today, I'm having my birthday dinner and then on my actual birthday I'll being having drinks.  Pretty much the norm.  Haha.  I'll have updates about my b-day in two weeks.  =) 

If you made it this far tell me about your birthday!  Also, have you ever been to a bridal shower?  Tell me about the games and activites you played!  


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