Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Friday!

Hello!  Happy Friday!  This week has been, fun.  I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day like I do every year, and even remember to re-share the post that I made last year talking about the history of the day.    Earlier in the week I went back to Target and got a few more shirts from the Ava &  Viv line.  I was surprised, because I went to a different Target, and usually this one has a pretty small plus size section, but it was actually bigger than the one I went to a few weeks ago.   I also went into Old Town and window shopped.  

Writing out Old Town makes me think, does every town have and “Old Town” section?  I know that there a few around me.  So is this something every town has or what? 

I also cleaned my room this week.  It doesn’t sound like much, but I let my room go into shambles, and I really didn’t like it.  So, now I feel a little bit better about it.  I need a new way to organize my bedding but I don’t have much room as it where I keep them (my closet).  I was thinking about getting square cloth containers, but the more I look at the shelf, the more I feel as if there isn’t enough room.   When I redo it, I’ll give a before and after picture.  And I did what I hate most, dust.  Dusting is a horrible time.  I hate it.  And it  seems like it comes back the very next day.  Ick. 

And now, the weather.  Haha.  It finally feels a little bit like spring outside!  I’m about to open my windows and let in some fresh air!  It’s very exciting for me.  Spring is the best season.  It just makes me so happy!

Anyways, hope you’re week has gone well, and you have an amazing weekend!

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