Monday, February 16, 2015

L'Oreal Infallible Lipstick Review:

This lipstick is called #138 Forever Fuchsia. I've had this lipstick for a while now.  I can't remember when I bought it exactly, but it's been a few months, and I absolutely love it.  I think the tube is cute and I love the color.  And man, does it have some staying power.  I wore this when I went out to dinner.  Ate everything from a salad to mac n' cheese, to chicken, and it stayed pretty well.  I mean as you can see it went from a deep fuchsia to a pink, but it's not as spotty and weird looking as some of my lipsticks get while out.  

There is no strong scent to it.  I've never smelled it when applying, but when I twist it all the way out and smell it very, very, lightly sweet.  This is my only lipstick from L'Oreal, and as I'm writing this, I'm wondering why. The next time I go to the store, I'm definitely going to look at the other color selections.  This lipstick goes on smooth and isn't drying at all.  When I was out to dinner, I thought more was rubbing off than actual, but I think I feel that way with every lipstick.  I don't know.  

Before dinner.
After dinner. 
I know the lighting is different in the two photos, but it was night time in the second picture. 

I think my only problem is that the tip of the lipstick is really small.  It's not what I'm used to.  .
I give this lipstick a 8 out of 10.  Love it! 


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