Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Friday!

Hello!  Happy Friday! 

Man, where has the month gone?  I swear time is just disappearing on me. I didn't even know that Mardi Gras had passed!  The day I miss a holiday, is the day I've lost all sense of time.  Next thing I know it's going to be my 23rd birthday.  (No one likes you when you're 23!)  I'm all about holidays! 

In the past two weeks I've managed to somehow, mess up my sleeping schedule yet again.  I'm quickly trying to fix it.  I sometimes wonder if all of this flip-flopping is hard on my body.  I really should look into that shouldn't I?  I've also started a new T.V. Series on Netflix.  Californication.  Some of it is funny, and then some of it is offensive.  I like the show, but I don't endless binge it like other shows.  I just really love David Duchovny. 

I went out to dinner, as you know from Monday's post.  I went to Longhorn and let me tell you, there Parmesan chicken dinner is amazing!  I love it so much.  I get it ever time I go there.  I keep meaning to take pictures of my dinner outings and talking about them, and how good they are, but I just always forget.  So, until the future post about chicken, if you go to Longhorn, get the Parmesan chicken!  For my side I go with their mac & cheese.  Also delicious!  Very cheesy dinner.  I love it.  If you try it let me know! 

I've also started on something that I've been wanting to do since high school, learn French.  I'm doing it on Duolingo, and it's a lot of fun.  Hard, but fun.  I'm currently on level 6.  I'm having a little bit of trouble with sentence structures, but I just need to work a harder on it.  Oh, and speaking it!  I am so bad at saying it out loud!  

Have you learned another language? Do you have any tips? 


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