Thursday, July 31, 2014

Most Listened To #5:

I Whip Hair Not Tragedies by Willow Smith and Panic! At the Disco (Mash-up) 
Amazing by Lots of different Bands.  (This is another mash-up song, full of so many different bands that I loved growing up, and still love.  Since it has no name, I've provided the link.)
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by Patty Walters (Cover) 
All That I Know by OCD: Moosh and Twist ft. Hoodie Allen
Smother by Daughter
Landfill by Daughter 
Check Yes Juliet, Count Me In by We the Kings and All Time Low (Mash-up)
Radioactive by Marina and the Diamonds
The Run and Go by the Twenty One Pilots. 
Stars by The XX 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Recipe: Cinnamon Biscuits

I've decided to get into pinterest, and I'm pretty sure that is where I found this recipe, but it's not pinned so maybe it was just from Google.  I'm not sure.  All I know is that I'm glad that I found it.  This recipe is simple and doesn't take up that much time.  This biscuits are delicious and taste just like pretzels.  (I think.) 

2 1/3 cup Bisquick 
½ cup Milk 
3 Tbs Melted Butter 
4 Tbs Sugar, Divided 
1 tsp Cinnamon 
Caramel Ice-Cream Topping

Pre-heat your oven to 425 degrees.

Mix half of the sugar (2 Tbs) and the cinnamon together.

Mix the rest of the ingredients together in a large bowl until the dough forms.

Scoop out a tablespoon sized portion, roll into a ball, and then roll them in the cinnamon sugar mix.
Place on a baking sheet and bake for 8 to 10 minutes. 

Serve them warm with the Caramel sauce for dipping.

I accidentally put 1 Tbs of cinnamon instead of 1 tsp. (I was wondering why mine didn't match the pictures for the original...)  So your cinnamon mix will look a little bit different than mine.  I also used a different type of sugar, so if you white sugar it will look completely different. 


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Nail Polish Collection:

I don’t have that big of a collection, nor do I have that many different shades, but here is my nail polish collection.  Some of them I have even had since I was 13 or 14.  That’s a really long time, but they haven’t gotten sticky or dry so I keep them.

From Left to right their names are: Top Coat.  370 Uptempo Plum.  460 Cherry Nice.  Purple Potion.  Hot Magenta.  650 Navy Baby. 908 Graphite Gravity.  902 Purple Passion. 
Most of my nail polish is by Sally Hanson.   The two extreme wears are the oldest in my collection.  I haven’t worn them in a while, but they’re still pretty nice.  The one that I wear most out of this collection is the Dark blue complete salon manicure.  It’s a little thick because it’s a base coat, top coat, and something else all combined into one.  It’s called Navy Baby. My other favorite is the purple magnetic polish. It’s called polar purple.  If you don’t know what the magnetics are then what happens is the top is a magnet and while the color is still wet you put it over and a pattern comes out.  These are waves.  Essie has one that does a sort of checked one.  It’s really cool. 

From Left to Right their names are: Limelight.  Power Play.  Screamin’ Fuchsia. 
The next ones might be hard to find.  I got these at a store called 5 and below.  If you can’t guess, everything in the store is $5 dollars or less.  My favorite is the hot pink, but I do tend to wear the purple more often.  These are another one you have to build up but they’re nice once you get there. 

Their names are 146A Love Letters and 133A Purple Pizzazz Frost.
The next ones are also really old.  I love them both.  I don’t think you can tell from the picture, but the purple has blue shimmer in it and it looks perfect. 

Their names are Cheatin’ and Strapless.
I'm not sure if they have any other brand name other than Pure Ice.  The purple one has a clear base with bigger glitter and the blue is clear based with small glitter.  Cheatin’ is more of a put over another color whereas Strapless you could wear on its own.  I love them both for many different reasons.

Their names are 660 Grape and Moon Candy. 
To me Moon Candy is a little cheat and it chips easily.  The glitter is really big and flakey so you have to be really careful when pulling away the brush or else you’ll have lumpy nails.  It’s not very practical, and I rarely use it.   Grape on the other hand is amazing.  You only need one layer and it dry quickly.  I love it.

This one’s name is 85 Bolting Blue.
I got this nail polish when I was up north for my cousins wedding.  It is the only Milani product I own. It was my favorite when I was a senior in high school.  I haven’t used it much sense, but it’s still such a nice blue.

This one’s name is Russian Navy.
My one and only OPI.  I got this one when I was 15 and I had just gotten a special little card that allowed me to shop at a store where only professional cosmetologist could shop.  I took one class, and I was going to continue, but other things got in the way.  I thought it was so cool and special.  I haven’t gotten any more OPI because I feel like they're too expensive.  I kind of just noticed that Nicole is by OPI.  So, I guess I have more OPI than I thought.  Woops.  I haven’t used this one in a long time, I should throw it out, but it has a little memory to it, so I think I’ll keep it for a while. 

From Left to Right their names are: Blue Lace.  Virtuous Violet.  Top Coat Plus.  
The next ones are by OPI, but it’s their Nicole line.  My favorite is the purple one.  I’m not a big fan of the top coat, but to be honest, I’m not fan of any top coats really.  They’re a little thin, but they don’t get gross and stick with buildup. 

This one is called 678 Bahamian Escape. 
For a long time, I couldn’t find the Essie color that I wanted, so I tried my hardest to find a dupe.  If you but this one next to the Essie you would think I were blind.  It’s a beautiful sky blue and I use it often.

This one is called 107 Robin’s Egg.
Keeping up with trying to find an Essie dupe, I picked up this one.  Still nowhere near close, but a pretty color nonetheless.  It’s very close to a robin’s egg.

This one is called Pumpkin.  (Really not shocking.)
I got this one from a friend.  It was brighter originally, and it’s a Halloween special.  I never use it because of how cheap it is.  It’s very thin and gross.  I have no idea why I kept it. 

This one is called 270 Shocker.
This one is by Rimmel London, and I use it often.  When I’m craving pink this is my go to.  You only need one coat and it dries very fast.  I don’t think it’s exactly 60 seconds, but it’s quicker than some.

This one has no name.
I got this from Hot Topic when I thought it was cool to get things from Hot Topic.  I never use it, because its thick and I don’t like the small handle. 

This one is called Mint Apple Candy.
As I said earlier, I looked for this one ever where, no luck.  I looked for dupes, no luck.  Then finally I found it.  I was so excited for it because many love Essie.  Me not so much.  I found it to be thin.  It’s hard for me to get it even and after it dries, I feel like it chipping an hour later.  I love the colors Essie offers, but I don’t think I’ll be buying another. 

Wow that’s long!  If you stuck in this long, tell me which was your favorite?  Let me know!


Monday, July 28, 2014

The Libster Award:

Hello!  Today I will be replying to the Libster Award tag.  I was tagged by the ever so lovely, Rachel,  here is her post.
I copied the rules from her. 

The rules are...

You have to link back to the person that nominated you.Write 11 facts about yourself.You must answer all 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you.After completing these questions you must nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers and give them 11 questions of your choice.You must not nominate the person who nominated you.You must let your nominees know that they have been nominated and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it.

I'm really bad at these things...Uhm...

I have five cats and one dog. 
My favorite book is Gone with the Wind. 
I am utterly in love with the Fast & Furious series. 
While I was in High School I collected anything cow related.
I have an older sister. 
I don't have any, yet, but I have several tattoos planned out. 
I'm really bad at social media-ing. 
Shopping makes me extremely happy, but not in the addiction sense. 
I tend to over think. 
I re-arrange my room every month or so.  I can't keep it the same. 
I wear my hair up in a pony tail way too often. 

1. If you could listen to only one artist/band for life, who/what would it be and why?
Omg.  I like so many different styles of music...I couldn't possibly just choose one!  Certain music for certain times!  But I guess in the end...Blink-182, because they have music that I can jam to and they have music that I can cry to. 

2. Love or money? (DEEP)
Love, to a point. 

3. Would you ever consider being a vegetarian/vegan and why?
I would consider being a vegetarian, but not vegan.  There are a lot of things that vegans can't eat or wear or use and I just would want that kind of pressure in my life.  

4. Staple makeup item?
Mascara, definitely

5. Cats or dogs?
Cats! But I love both, and own both. 

6. What is/was your strongest subject in school?
Once I started taking school seriously (college) I was very much involved in History.  

7. Do you still want to be what you wanted to be when you were young? (Job wise)
No.  When I was younger I wanted to be a Teacher, a Doctor, a Mom.  Things every little girl wants to be.  Now I'm planning on going back to school for Medical Billing, but I could change my mind by the time I can afford that.  My mind changes a lot. 

8. Favourite actor/actress?
Actor:  Johnny Depp.  
Actress: Meryl Streep 

9. Are you good with your 5 fruit and veg a day?
I wish.  I get about one serving of vegetables a day.  Sometimes more. 

10. If you had unlimited money, what is the first thing you would buy? (Excluding charity donations)
Make-up.  I would get some high end lipstick.  

11. Opinion on the Free the Nipple Campaign?
I am all for body positivity and equality.  No one should be told what to do with their bodies. 

What is your favorite food? 
Why did you decide to start your blog? 
What is your go to lipstick? (If you have one.) 
Do you have any siblings? 
What is your favorite book? 
Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver? 
Favorite Color?
What would you name your children?  Or if you have children, what are their names?
Do you like the weather where you live? 
What is your favorite holiday? 
Would you ever color your hair an un-natural color? 
Sophie Graham 
Fran Hurley 
Shipra Sharma 

I KNOW I'm supposed to tagged 11 other blogs, but I don't follow anyone else that has less than 200 blogpost and hasn't done this tag yet.  I feel like it cheating me if I just go out and randomly follow five more blogs just to full fill this tag.  
I do apologize. 


Friday, July 25, 2014

FOTD #7:

Today I am wearing a grey shirt from Target.  It's the same brand and cut as the teal shirt from FOTD #5.  

I was being lazy with my face so I only have eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara on.  

The eye shadow is Covergirl intense shadowblast in #825.  It's a creamy eye shadow that comes from a tube which I find to be a little difficult while applying.  
My eyeliner, which you can see in the first picture, is Maybelline unstoppable in the color Jade. 
My mascara is the same every week L'Oreal voluminous Carbon black. 
Lastly, on my lips is Rimmel London showoff lip lacquer in the color Luna. 

I apologize for the quality of the second picture, it was really cloudy today, and it was a little hard for me to find great lighting.  It was also the only picture I liked, and it's a little bit blurry.  It's also why they're more selfie like. 


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Currently I am #3...

Currently I am hoping that it rains a lot tomorrow.  I'm taking care of plants at this moment, and I think I'm killing a tomato plant.  I'm so bad with plants. 

Currently I am wishing I weren't so shy.  I'm always saying I'm too shy and doing nothing about it.  I think I'm going to look into something that helps me say, "Just do it."

Currently I am talking to my sister about our kittens.  Benny likes to sleep on her chest.  

Currently I am hungry.  I think I might go make myself some scrambled eggs with cheese.

Currently I am listening to my kittens run around my room.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mixed Drink: Hammer Horror

When it’s really hot outside, my favorite thing to do is sit down with a bowl of really good vanilla ice-cream.  I’m pretty boring when it comes to ice cream, so I’m vanilla all the way.   Recently  I decided  why not find a drink that involves vanilla ice-cream?  I looked through a cocktail book that we own and when I saw this recipe, I instantly wanted to make it.  

1 ½ Tbsp Vodka 
1 ½ Tbsp Kahlua
4 Tbsp Vanilla Ice Cream 
Cracked Ice 
Chocolate Powder

Crush up some ice, so that it's not completely solid, but not into a fine powder.  
Add in the Vodka, Kahlua, and ice cream. 
Blend it all together to a milkshake consistency. 
Strain into a martini glass and serve instantly. 

This drink is the perfect amount of cold from the ice cream and the ice and it tastes just like a chocolate milkshake.  It was so good!   I couldn't taste the alcohol at all.  I'll definitely be making this one again.  


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Beauty Haul:

The other day I finally got out of the house and went shopping.  Here is what I picked up! 

St. Ives Replenishing Body Lotion Mineral Therapy:
I went out looking for a new lotion just because I’m tired of the one that I’m currently using.  It’s kind of thick, and in the humidity it’s just not comfortable to put on after a shower.  I chose St. Ives because it said that it was fast absorbing and non-greasy.  Also because I thought it smelled nice, and I haven’t tried St. Ives in years. 
First impressions of this lotion are that it is what it says.  It does absorb quickly.  I put it on and it’s gone in seconds.  Also, no grease!   It has a very clean smell to it.  When I use it, it reminds me of the blue Dial soap.   If you don’t know what that smells like, the best way I can describe it is general soap smell.  Not too much perfume, but a hint of something.  I love it. 

Simple Soothing Facial Toner
Both of the Simple products that I bought were on sale.  I wasn’t looking for new face products, but I’m a sucker for a sale.  Haha.  I don’t use toners often.  I think the last time I used a toner I was a teenager.  But I decided to give this one a try.  I’ve been using it for three days or so, I don’t really know exactly what it’s supposed to do, but on the back it say that it “leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed.”  I do feel that my skin is cleaner than before I use it.  So I guess it’s doing its job. 
What I like about the Simple brand is that it’s for sensitive skin, and I’ve always been told, that even if your skin isn’t sensitive you should treat it that way.
Simple Revitalizing Eye roll-on:
With my sleeping schedule, if I want to do anything like go to the store or hang out with friends, then I’m most likely going to be awake for 24 hours or more.  I know that’s not the best health wise, but I currently don’t have a way to hold a normal sleeping schedule (i.e. a job.)  So as the day goes on my eyes get tired, and the feel all puffy.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  So, I bought this on a whim (and because of a sale).  I used it this yesterday morning before I went to sleep, and it really did make my eyes feel less tired.   I’ll continue my use, and tell you if it works consistently. 

Sensodyne Full Protection+ Whitening Toothpaste:
So at my six month check up at the dentist I was given a sample of Sensodyne toothpaste, and I actually used it, instead of letting it sit in my cabinet, and I actually liked it.  I decided to go out and buy a bigger tube.  What I like about Sensodyne is that it’s for sensitive teeth, and it helps improve sensitivity.  I have really sensitive teeth.  I was also blessed with very weak teeth. (I guess that’s what I’ll call them.) 
When I was younger I always got cavities.  No matter what I did.  Now that I’m older, it’s a little better.  I haven’t had a cavity in over a year and a half, maybe even two.    I’ve used Sensodyne before, and I can’t really recall why I stopped… Probably because I got bored.  So now I’ve decided to go back. 

Have you used any of these products?  
Did you love or hate them? 
Let me know! 


Monday, July 21, 2014

Halfway Gone:

I’ve decided that since we recently passed the half year mark (July 1st really isn’t recent, but play along…) I’ve decided to look back at my January post where I talked about my resolutions for this year.  Take a look here. 
I wanted to be healthier.  I wanted to write more.  I wanted to blog more.  I wanted to get a job. 
I’ve only done one of those, and if you can’t guess what that one is…Where have you been?  I’ve been blogging a lot.  I post five times a week, usually.  I have a schedule that I follow with what I post on what days, and I like that.  I like that I have different themes, even though all of the advice out there is to stick to one theme.   I’ve written personal stuff here and there in a notebook, but I really just want a different notebook.  The one I have is annoying, and it has so much in it I feel like I should have that one for just what’s already in in.  If that makes any sense.
Now that it’s been almost 200 days, I want to revisit my resolutions.  I didn’t talk about all of them.   The main one that I didn’t post was to meditate.  I’ve meditated once.  So I don’t really say I’ve done it.  I looked up different ways to meditate.  I’ve written everything that I wanted to remember down, and yet I have still yet to do it. 
I’ve also stated that I wanted to learn how to play the piano…which I have some notes on, but I have yet to practice.  I just really need to get back to remembering how to read music.  I used to know how, but now I have to write out the letter under the notes.  
I’m going to start doing both of these today.  After this is done, I’m going to pull out my keyboard and practice. 
I need to get into some hobbies, or else I’ll go mad. 

What are your hobbies? Besides blogging that is…


Friday, July 18, 2014

FOTD #6:

Today I am wearing a pink 3/4 sleeve shirt that I got from Ross.  I can't remember how much I paid for it, because it was over a year ago.  It's one of my favorite shirts, I wear it all of the time, most paired with a cardigan, but it's too hot for that.  

On my face Im wearing all of the same primers.  Rimmel London Fix & Perfect 002 and Hard Candy eye shadow primer.  
My eyebrows are filled in with an unknown eye shadow from a palette that I've had for ages.  
On my eyelids is by  Maybelline.  It's called Crown Jewels.  I don't know if they still sell it or not.  Maybelline changed up a few things, I'll check the next time I'm at the store.  There are three colors and I've done a post about this before here.  I used the middle brown color. Then on my brow bone I used the color right under it.  
On my cheeks I'm wearing Estee Lauder 08 Peach Passion. 
I'm also wearing NYC Sun n' Bronze bronzer #706 Hamptons Radiance. 
On my lips is the first lipstick that I've ever bought it's by Revlon #423 Pink Velvet. 

Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Currently I am #2:

Currently I am wanting to see the ocean.  It's been about three years since I've been to the beach and I just really want to rent a secluded beach house for a week and just relax.  

Currently I am wanting to cut off most of my hair.  I don't know how much you can tell in my FOTD pictures that I post, but I have layers in my hair that have grown out so much that I feel like my hair looks weird.  I want to even out my hair, but then again I don't because I've been trying to get my hair to get back to the length it was before I started getting regular cuts.  I'm sure I'll just wait until I feel like the layers are at the right point and then even it out.  

Currently I am in need of a sad sappy love movie.  

Currently I am in need of a nap.  It's almost 7 am and I haven't been to sleep yet.  (That's not a nap.  That is bed.)

Currently I am planning.  I'm always planning something. 


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mixed Drink: Pink Raspberry Margarita

I’ve had a bottle of Tequila Rose in my fridge for as long as I can remember, so I went out onto the internet in search of a drink with Tequila Rose in it.  What makes this drink a margarita is the tequila and the rimming with sugar.  I’ve always had margaritas with salt and typically frozen.  I’ve never had a creamy one.  Now I have. 
This drink is delicious!  It’s sweet but has a small tequila taste.  I’m so glad that I found it!

1 oz Tequila 
1 oz Tequila Rose 
½ oz Chambord 
2 ½ oz Cream 
Dash of Grenadine 

Pour all of the liquid ingredients into a shaker with ice and mix. 
Wet the rim of the glass with water and roll it in the sugar.
Pour the mix into the glass and serve. 

Options: Garnish with Raspberries.


Monday, July 14, 2014

The Last Movie I saw in theaters was:

I had to think about this one really hard, because I couldn’t for the life of me remember.  I almost had to look at my ticket stub collection, but then I finally remembered.  The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug.  It was December if I’m recalling right, I was with my sister and two other friends, and we went to the newest movie theater that’s a town over.  (We don’t have one in our town, and the one we usually go to is two towns over.)  That sounds like we live 100 miles away.  The one we usually go to is about 30 minutes away and the new one is about 15 minutes. 
I loved the theater.  It was so clean and it didn’t smell of feet.  It also didn’t have the smell of stale popcorn.  That was a major plus.   When we went it was freezing outside and we were almost late.  But there’s about 15 minutes of previews so we didn’t miss much. 
The movie was amazing.  I loved it.  My sister loved it.  I’m not too sure about my other two friends.  The CG is great, Martin Freeman makes a great hobbit.  Unfortunately since it was so long ago, I can’t really recall specific details.  I know that I loved the movie, and I know that I’ll see the 3rd one, but other than that all I can say is buy it or rent it yourself if you're into this kind of movie. 
I miss going to the movies.  I used to go all of the time, but then life got in the way I guess and I just haven't been able to go as much.  I also hate the prices!  Omg the prices.  $12 for a ticket is killer for me right now. 

Have you seen any of The Hobbit movies?  What about Lord of the Rings? 

Friday, July 11, 2014

FOTD #5:

Happy Friday everyone!  Today I am wearing a teal v-neck t-shirt from Target.  I don't know if it was on sale when I bought it, but I think I paid about $6 or $8 for it.   I haven't been to Target in a while, but the last time I was there, these shirts were not there anymore.  (I have pretty much all the colors they offered.) 

On my face I have Rimmel London Primer 002 Fix and Perfect Pro and Concealer #125 fair.  
My blush is Maybelline mineral Power in Soft Mauve.
I did fill in my eyebrows but with an eyeshadow that has no name and not label.  You can see that palette here. (It's the first picture, 3rd Bottom one.) 
My eyeshadow is from Estee Lauder #13 Tranquil Moon and #72 Amazing Grey, and #10 Ivory Slipper. I then lined my lashes and under my eyes, with #09 Moons.  
My mascara is L'Oreal  Vlouminous Carbon Black. 
Finally on my lips is Revlon Colorstay Utlimate Suade in #075 Cruise Collection.  (My review here.)

And that's it. Have a fun weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Currently I am:

This is my new series idea.  Currently I am...
I try to change up my Thursday posts often, but not too often.  First I had 10 Things I Wish I Had At This Very Moment, and then I had 7 Things.  
This one is kind of different but still sticks to the list vibe.  
I hope you enjoy! 

Currently I am reading Anna Karenina.  I've been reading it for a while, not because I don't like it, but because I've sort of been in a book funk and I just can't get myself to read.  Everyone has these kind of moods so I'm sure you know how I'm feeling but yeah... 
Currently I am drinking a juice called Xing Juice in the flavor of Fruit Punch.  It's really good.  I don't typically like fruit punch but I actually really like this one.  I have also tried the strawberry banana one, and it tastes like pineapple juice to me.  Odd since it's supposed to be strawberry banana but whatever.  I like pineapple too.  
Currently I am craving a turkey burger from Ruby Tuesday's.  It's my favorite meal from there, and I haven't been in a while.  I don't really know the next time I'll be able to go to Ruby Tuesday's, so it makes me a little sad, but it's just food.  

They'll change it won't be always what I'm reading or wanting to eat.  I'm excited to see where I can go with this. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mixed Drink: Peanut Butter and Jelly Shot

Hey there!  Today I have a very simple alcoholic shot for you today!  I always love experimenting with different types of alcohol, and while looking for more drinks to try I stumbled upon this one.  

1 oz Hazelnut Liqueur 
1 oz Raspberry Liqueur 
½ oz Butterscotch Schnapps 

Add all of the ingredients to a shaker and shake for a few seconds.  Pour into a shot glass and enjoy! 

If you get past the slight alcohol taste this shot actually does taste just like a PB&J.  It's really good.   


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick Review:

Last weekend I went out shopping, and I wasn’t really looking for anything, but I picked up Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in the color 075 Cruise Collection.  In the commercial Olivia Wilde says “dare to leave your lipstick at home.” I wouldn’t.  The commercial also says that it’s instantly moisturizing.  It’s not.  I’ve looked at comments, and seen a few different reviews, and I think Colorstay lipstick is a hit or miss.  For me it was awful, others didn’t mind.  Someone did say that you have to let it sit for 10 to 15 seconds before doing anything, I sat for 30 minutes and it still disappeared.
I tried it without lip liner and with lip liner, both a disaster.   I like the color.  It’s very true to color but it’s sticky.  It’s drying.  It’s not that smooth.   It flakes off.  I had it on for 30 minutes did nothing but sit and watch tv and when I looked at it, I had a ring around my lips, basically.   
I wish that this lipstick worked for me, but unfortunately it doesn’t.   I might give it to one of my friends and see if they like it.  Maybe.

If you would like to see it on my lips, come back on Friday when I post my FOTD. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Meet Benedict and Pandora:

Like I said last week, I have a little surprise today.  My new kittens!  If you haven’t noticed before, I’m a little bit in love with all things cat.  I have had cats ever since I was five, and I plan of having cats until I die.   
Benedict and Pandora are brother and sister.  They were born in a barn, and (being a sucker for cats) we might even adopt their other sister if she isn’t picked up. 
We now have the most cats we’ve ever had.  Fuzzball aka Budda, is our original cat.  He’s 17 years old and I chose him out of the batch of kittens our other two cats were having.   Then we have Amelia, who I have mentioned once before.  She is 12 years old.  I adopted her from the SPCA when she was nine.  We had a connection that I just couldn’t avoid and we’ve been inseparable ever since.   We also have Guinevere who we adopted the same day as Amelia.  She’s four now and she’s what we call the wild cat. Now Panda and Benny, who are three months old, and the life of the house. 
If you couldn’t be bothered to keep track, that is five cats.  Crazy cat lady here I come.  Haha.   Of course there are three people in this house, so it doesn’t seem that crazy.  To me at least…Of course I’m the one talking. 
We also have so many nicknames for our cats.  I call Pandora Pandapops and Benedict Benny or Benito.  Fuzzball has had many different nicknames over the years, but the one that has stuck is Budda.  Amelia is also called Millie or Milliebillie.   Then I call Guinevere Guinnypenny. 
I’m sure now that I have officially introduced all of my cats, that they’ll appear more often than not.  Maybe.  I don’t know yet.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Today is Independence Day which means that there’s going to be lots of fireworks, BBQs, drinks, and socializing.  Well, that is if I were normal with normal friends.  There will be a BBQ and drinks but only with my mom and sister.  I don’t really know what my friends are doing, they might come over, they might not. All I know is that I find it too humid to go out.  I talked about that on Monday. 
So, as you know, on holidays I write about the history of the day and that is exactly what I’m going to do now, I’ll try and keep it short but sometimes that’s just impossible. 
Independence Day is always on the same day, July 4th.  Many celebrate with fireworks, cook outs, and drinking.  Today is a federal holiday, meaning that if your work for the government, you don’t have work.  The legal separation of the 13 colonies from the UK occurred on the 2nd in 1776.  The reason why we celebrate on the 4th is because that was when the Declaration of Independence was published and the public celebrated. 
Everyone celebrates in their own way, but most of the US population has a picnic goes buys fireworks, or goes to see fireworks, decorates everything in red, white, and blue, and has a few drinks. 
I don’t know about other states, but where I live there are a few rules for fireworks.  In residential areas you can’t have fireworks that go to high into the air.  Many don’t pay attention to these rules, and I’ve never heard of anything to crazy happening around here, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.   Many travel to neighbor states to get fireworks that are not offered around here. 

I hope if you’re American, then your 4th of July is as fun and as firework filled as you wish, and if you’re not American, then I hope you don’t get too annoyed by our very patriotic attitudes.