Monday, December 22, 2014


Last week I only posted twice.  This week, I'm going to post a little bit more, but not much.  I'm not going to have a beauty post (tomorrow) and I'm not going to have a FOTD post (Friday).  My Thursday post will be about Christmas seeing how that is Christmas day, and Wednesday is going to be a normal recipe post.  I thought about making it festive, but it's not.  Just a normal food something.  
I might post a small "what I was posting last year" tweet, but to be honest, I think I was a little sporatic with my posts during this time last year, so who really knows what I've got.  (If you're not following me on twitter please do @yellow_yachts )

On Christmas day I'll be with family.  Lots and lots of family. It's going to be fun, or at least that's what I'm told.  

Anyways, here is what I'm planning for this week, and next week I should be back to my ususal self.  Maybe.  

I'm kind of thinking I should have taken these two weeks off, but I've been lazy for the past couple of weeks, and that's not fair to my blog.  I can't wait for the new year!  Big things are going to happen...(Well big to me!) 


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