Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hello November!

This year is no different.  The leaves are falling and changing color at a very fast rate and it has been so chilly, but I love it.  

This year Thanksgiving is going to be at my Aunts house.  I'm assuming all of the usual people will be there, Aunts, Uncle, cousin, and then my mom, sister, and me.  Lots of fun.  
My mom is going to make a dish that I made last week, the cheesy broccoli.  I'm really excited to see everyone's reactions.  I know that I didn't invent the recipe, but I found it and my mom liked it enough that she wants to share it with the family.  
So happy.  
Also this month one of my friends is having her baby shower!  The first one I'll ever go to!  I was also one of the first people she told, which is exciting.  I'm not the biggest fan of babies, but some of them are cute.  That's happening on the 15th.  She's having a baby boy and not going to lie, I'm exited to buy some baby clothes/accessories.  I think I'll do a haul!  That's exciting right?
Anyways, I'm not really sure what else is going to happen this month.  Last year I was thinking abut birthday parties, and this year, one of them is going on a cruise for his birthday with his girlfriend (it's a surprise, shh.)  and the other one is really busy doing other things.  So no birthdays.  

I'm excited for December, not going to lie.  I'm hoping that it will be happy and exciting.  Last year I tried so hard to make it fun, but it didn't really work out.   Maybe I'll try to visit Christmas stores.
I don't know. 

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